Sunday, February 26, 2012


This weekend, well heck, the whole week seemed to sneak right on past us.  It is nice, to be getting more on and off rain and sunshine.  Flowers are blooming, there is more time for bike riding, the sun is still out when we get home.... kind of a hopeful time of year.  I had another great week at school.  Reading is getting better and better and I read at least one book a night to Mom or Dad before being read to.  We just finished the second Harry Potter, so that was pretty exciting.  Lets see... Mom and Grace had a nice quiet Friday morning, Grace had a blast playing with some paint in a bag.  First she mixed it up... 
then proceeded to spend a lot of time drawing circles in the paint. 

 They also went for a nice walk, found some camillas and cherry trees blooming (so sad, the neighbor's amazing cherry tree fell down this winter), practiced on the skuut, found and sorted rocks...

 a good kind of day before heading to work to hang with daddy while Mom sat in on a meeting.  It bears mentioning that Grace's newest favorite fashion statement is to wear her jackets... yes her winter poofy, often hooded jackets and vests backwards.  makes her very happy.  I got picked up from WuShu and finished in what has become a typical trip out for a treat (little t... mmmm baguette and butter with jam... plus hot coco this week!).  This weekend was mostly quiet except for a fantastic chili crab dinner with our pals Alice, Henry and their folks!

  It was so much fun to hang out and play with our friends for the evening.

The adults really spent most of their time cracking and noshing on Daddy's yummy crab

 (recipe via Auntie Gigi... we still use this every year!!).  Alas the evening ended on a sad note... After friends had headed home and while I was in my shower, Dad heard a noise in the backyard and went out to investigate only to find a raccoon had attacked our chickens.  We lost five-toes, my favorite chicken... the only one that was happy to have me pick her up and carry her around (the rest tolerate me), farewell Five-toes.  Summer also got hit pretty hard, but she is out and about... skittish but eating and drinking in spite of an ugly head injury, we're keeping an eye on her too.  Hopefully it was just a one-time thing, but we will be battening down the hatches a bit more for a while.

Today was largely toodling around the homefront, but we had an exciting evening out.  Otherwise, today was just cleaning up the mess, church, hanging around the homefront taking advantage of sunbreaks and eating peanutbutter sandwiches.

As motivation for good behavior at school, the folks have been putting a carrot of my choosing out there... this week I wanted Chinese food... so tonight we celebrated another great week with some great seafood at OM.  My favorite... pepper squid and Grace's favorite... won ton soup.

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