Sunday, February 05, 2012


 Well, we have had a beautiful week with a big shiny orb in the sky for most of it... the sun in Portland is never something to take for granted.

As homage to all of the lion dancers we saw last week, owen made his own mask and decorated it.  We kept with the arts and crafts theme when Pearl came to share our day-off on Friday.

 We made robots, forts in the living room and pretzels.

We made all sorts of cools shapes and the big kids ate, well most of them.

 That afternoon, after I FINALLY napped, we had some nice back-yard time (yeah, the sun was out but it was still pretty cold)
 We wanted to wear the cool scarves Auntie Chow and Cousin Carolyn sent us (along with all sorts of yummies... THANKS!)

HEY!  The babies are all pushing their way thorough the dry brown ground out front.  We are anticipating lots of pretty bulbs in a month or so!  They are so sweet, cute and hopeful! 

 Owen had really turned into a shower-guy, but once in a while still sneaks into a bath.
 Saturday morning we woke up to a fun visit with Esme (whose name I really love saying these days), Joaquin and Val!  We all enjoyed homemade english muffins florentine (thanks Dad... well, I had cereal, but the rest seemed to enjoy quite a bit, Mom was blissed out, one of her favorites).  After eating and playing at home for a while we headed over to play at the park and school.  

 It was a super fun and gorgeous morning made even more spectacular with friends to share it with.  We were sad to bid them farewell for the rest of the weekend.
 BUT... that night we had another play-date/meal with Alex, Andy, Linda and Matt!  It has been a long time since we got to hang out and chat.
 Andy was super funny, giggly and really great about sharing all of his fun toys!  Alex is getting big and chatty too!  We both Loved playing together on the cash register and microwave.  I really have groceries in the blood... between the cash register and the toy grocery cart and groceries, I was totally content and had a blast all evening!.
 Today we headed up Mountain Hood!  YAY!  I was a little skeptical at first about how cold snow would be, but once we (FINALLY...) got out of the house

and headed into the beautiful snowy mountain I was so happy.

We headed up to timberline, alas forgot the sleds in an effort to make sure everyone had shoes, mittens and snow pants... but we had a great time without them.
After playing snow-balls for a long while...

(I know, Mom tried to rotate these like three times and has given up... sorry, you'll have to rotate your head a bit) Owen started getting adventurous and headed off down a big hill,

(it's worth it... look at that view!!) after a bit... I followed!

  On my belly, trying to scoot as fast away from mom in her jeans (so cliche and not snow appropriate)

and headed down the hill after him!

 We had a good while out in the snow

before heading into the lodge for a (as Owen put it) "glorious beverage!" of a super slurpy, luxurious, yummy giant hot chocolate!

 I mostly ate the whipped cream off the top.  Mom and I explored the lodge a bit while the fellas relived the fun afternoon in the cozy lodge.
After we made it down the mountain, Mom did a bit of shopping but really we focused on getting a special sushi dinner together for Owen who had great reports from school all week... I hope he keeps this up, I love having special meals to celebrate!.

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Owen's bathtub photo & the glorious beverage are so great!