Sunday, March 18, 2012

Leprechaun day!

 Well, Owen had been telling me all about leprechauns this week.  They like gold and rainbows, wear a lot of green, drink milk like a cat and cause all sorts of mischief.  They also can be caught with just a rubberband put in their path will cause them to just sproing!
 I think (knock wood) that we are all healthy again... more or less after lots of time laying low.   Owen had a pretty awesome week, he was the STAR STUDENT OF THE WEEK!  
An honor bestowed upon a student who has been making great choices, and guess who got it!  He has, indeed this whole quarter had mostly just wonderful reports... loads of smiley faces just like his new years resolution, so he definitely deserved this award.  He got to bring in pictures of himself and the family and list all of his favorites... favorite food?  Pizza! Favorite color... Orange!  Owen also got to bring in the share bag, which is like an inidividual's show-and-tell, so he brought in his paper airplane book and some of his favorite paper airplanes.  The paper airplane guy we saw actually won the world record this week!    Anyhow, to celebrate some of these great accomplishments we headed out to Hillsdale to check out another bakery... Baker and Spice.

Pretty good,
 ranks well with our other favorites, plus its in a cool strip mall with lots of places to peek into.  

 To kick off St. Patrick's Day (or Leprechaun day as it seems to be more commonly called among the kindergarten set), Daddy put together some great green grandpa's pancakes!


 Mommy and I painted our nails glittery green for the occasion.  I am almost as pleased as I was with my pink toes.

We put on our leprechaun hats and headed over to school to check out their rummage sale and show some school spirit.  

 We had a pretty quiet day of errands and drawing, but took a nice walk in the afternoon to get some gardening supplies and outside for a bit.  I walked Scooter almost the whole way!  
 and we got to enjoy the bits of spring coloring the neighborhood.

 I got to ride our new wheel barrow home!
We finished off our leprechaun day with boiled dinner and some really tasty soda bread.  Thanks Daddy!  Today, well, it snowed again, if you can believe it while the whole rest of the country seems to be having some sort of crazy early spring... here we have spring, mixed with hail and snow.  Anyhow, in lieu of going outside, we went over to Joaquin and Esme's house to play!  It was great fun to see our friends and have some quality play time and snacks (finished off the soda bread).

 I finally wore the dress Grandma and Grandpa got me ages ago from egypt... its perhaps a bit snug, but I thought it was "Fancy fancy fancy!"
 I helped Daddy and Owen with Green Pizza dinner tonight, AND ate three pieces!  a record!
Happy St Pats Everyone!

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