Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring (?) break!

We finished up spring term with a snow day at school!!!  It was really just a late start due to the snow, but it was pretty exciting none the less.

It was pretty exciting too, 'cause I got to join Mom in her crab hunt... this time just to the local seafood market.  We got a few crabs, a few worksheets together and brought a crab unit into my classroom!

 It was so awesome!  Mom had a great time in the class, and my friends and I had a blast looking at the crabs (and we loved eating them up for dinner too!).  It was a treat for everyone :).

Really though, the fun was just beginning.... my very first spring break!  We headed off on our adventure that saturday... which meant a Looong day in the car, but we did really well and practiced learning our disney characters (goofy on one hand, Mickey on the other).

 We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house!  WOO HOO!  No wait, there was even more... driving that is.  The very next morning we woke up and got back into the car and headed to the happiest place on earth!  Seriously it was awesome!

 Sunday was Grandpa Tom's birthday so we checked into the hotel, watched a little mickey-mouse cartoons, grabbed dinner at an awesome, exciting restaurant

with all sorts of moving snakes, monkeys, butterflies...

the whole restaurant was overgrown with vines and trees!  We finished up Grandpa's birthday dinner with Uncle Ryan's arrival and a massive volcano birthday dessert!

 Totally awesome.  Our big spring adventure was just beginning.... stay tuned for part II!

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Rebecca Jackson said...

What a teaser! Can't wait to hear all about it!