Sunday, March 11, 2012

Under the weather

 Well, we've been pretty lucky this year as far as getting sick goes... that is until now, we're battling a bug that has taken Me and Daddy out of commission.  

I'm back, and G is hanging in there but has a cough that sounds a bit too familiar.  SO... we've been lain' low under these stormy skies no wait, sunshine, no wait, pouring rain.... the weather has been fickle, but it's nice to have the sunbreaks we have had.

Otherwise, a fair bit of baking around the house, some granola, muffins, soup, etc.

 I have become impressively good at paper airplanes and boats.  Since Mom and I are the last two standing strong, we've escaped the house a few times.

 Once for a nice date to Grand Central and to walk in the rain down to an artshop.

 I picked out a fancy new "sketching pencil" a cool eraser and a nice sketch book.  Kept me busy for the past few days, I am very good at monsters and spiders and even possums!  Mrs C. taught me how to shade with the side of my pencil and I love it!

Today Mom and I headed to Norse hall for an awesome Pancake breakfast, super yummy, and this afternoon it has been boats and more drawing.

 Donno if we mentioned, but in the end we lost two of our youngest chickens to the raccoon and one remains with a big injury on her head, the three old guys weathered the attacks okay.  Once we finally got everything secured enough, the raccoon took out his frustration on Mom's Kale plants that were also doing really well.  Dagnumb raccoon.  I have to go, we're going to plant some potatoes before the rain starts up again!

 Wishing everyone health and sunshine!


James said...

Feel better, everyone!

Ted said...

I wish you all health. It's so difficult to stay in shape with kids around catching viruses and things.

Antonina. said...

How sweet children:) Greetings xx