Monday, April 16, 2012

Boys Weekend (and a girls weekend!)

Grace and Mom flew down to California this past weekend to attend Auntie Erin's bridal shower, so Dad and I got to stay home and do guy things.  It was pretty low key, we went to the trout pond and did some fishing (but not catching).  At least the weather was pretty nice.

We also went Esme's birthday party on Saturday morning and then my friend Tory's birthday party on Saturday afternoon.   It was just a busy day that I even took a nap between the parties to regain my energy.

Meanwhile, down in California it seem Grace was having lots of fun hanging out with our Grandparents and various Aunties and Uncles.  She flew down with Mommy to celebrate Auntie Erin's Bridal Shower!  We are so excited!

She had a fantastic time hanging out in Auntie Gigi's garden, eating all of her snap peas and strawberries
And taking strolls with Grandpa Tom.  There was a bit of party prep that needed to happen, but mostly just enjoyed the company of family, hanging out in the garden... 
eating chocolate (Auntie keeps loads of chocolate in the house, and from the sounds of it Grace and Mom were kept in a steady infusion of the yummy stuff)
They had a nice afternoon out doing some shopping and had a great puerto rican dinner finished up with icing the amazing cake
 and a manicure!  Fancy stuff...

Just as everyone was winding down and tucking in, poor Lola got skunked out front.  It added a fair bit of excitement t the end of the evening.  Grace thankfully stayed in bed through most of it... but Auntie, Grandma and Grandpa took excellent care of Lola (if anyone is in need... Auntie amazingly brought out a potion on a snip of newspaper from 1987 that worked well... liquid soap, baking soda and  a quart of hydrogen peroxide).

  Lola came out smelling, well not too bad all things considered and we managed to air out the house and light enough candles that the house was thankfully just fine by morning.  

The morning  was spent with a bit of set-up and a lot of visiting!  Auntie Geralyne and Erin came over early and Grace got to hang with the bride to be and hit it off fantastically! 
 Uncle Jason and Clark stopped by for a bit
, alas Kaylee had a cold so G. couldn't play with her which was sad, we hope she is feeling better!
 It was awesome to see Clark though, everyone though he was sooo hansome!
 And made Grace smile quite a bit too... must be catching

Grace spent some quality time with Auntie Adrianne and Auntie Maryann

 Before heading outside again to make certain there were no more peas left to eat.

 The whole afternoon was lovely, and they had a wonderful time enjoying everyone's company, the sunshine,

 Auntie Geralyne's stripey jello (I recognized that stuff!, can you believe Grace didn't bring me any home!)
 Then, of course there were presents to open
 And bridal games were played (dress designers out of toilet paper)

Alas the camera's battery gave out but they had a fantastic trip, really loved being able to celebrate her wedding a bit since we can't make the trip to Hawaii!!!  It will be amazing and awesome and we are so happy for her and for Mike!  Congratulations you guys!  WE all love you!

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