Sunday, April 01, 2012

DISNEYLAND!! Oh My Goodness...


We are breaking this up a little bit, to avoid being too overwhelming because Disneyland is fun, loads of fun

 but also pretty overwhelming, and you know how good we are at editing out photos or events... yeah, so more... smaller posts.

Anyhow, we decided to divide and conquer... that is we spent Day 1 in California Adventures,

which was right across the street from our hotel.

 I had, maybe not the best start... with a yummy big breakfast, which was great, HOWEVER, there were these GIANT ---- FURRY --- CREATURES
 wandering all around everywhere we went... even breakfast!  No body else seemed freaked out by these guys, I'm not sure what they're problem was, 

because they were practically eating my brother.

 These guys kinda haunted me throughout our visit, but soon after they would leave, I would talk about them like they were soooo awesome.  Hindsight makes these guys way cooler.

We hit a lot of rides in California Adventures.

 Mostly Owen went with various adults...

 I mostly hung out with a skeptical look on my face.  I have to say though, Owen went on everything that he could and loved all of it.

This included Soaring over California,

a rapids, tubing wet adventure, AND the tower of terror,

which even Mom wouldn't go on.  We spent a lot of time in the bug's life land, which was pretty awesome.

  I went on the balloon ride and

 the caterpillar and the tuck and roll cars

... the folks had me watch a scary bug movie

 in 3d no less... eek!

I liked the Aladdain show much better.  Perhaps my favorite was watching Mickey (from a distance) hip-hop... Mom and I went to grab the rest of the family, and we actually got to meet Mickey!

 I felt very lucky and like to talk about how BIG he was and how I saw him dance :)  I went back to the room for a little bit for a nap, Owen took this opportunity to eat loads of yummy (super sugary)

snacks and hop on a few more rides

Our super exciting day finished off with a nice dinner and front-row seats for the world of color,

 which was awesome...

  like the water fountain at the bellagio x 10!  We had a big day and a late evening.

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