Sunday, April 01, 2012

The happiest place on earth!

Disney day 2 and beyond!!!

Okay, next day we headed to Disneyland, and Man-oh-man did we do Disneyland.  Grace grabbed her Ticket, and really didn't let go of it the entire trip (it was actually my room key, but it had a nice picture of Mickey on it)...

 seriously, she slept with it, and it went EVERYWHERE with her.

 We went on a TON of rides and started early with magic morning (an hour before the rest of the crowds are allowed in)

and went way past bedtime to see the fireworks display!

We were mickey maniacs!

 The morning we started pretty easy...

 submarine ride, autotopia

 (Did you know they issue driver's licences to KIDS!

 I am sooo ready to hit the road),

dumbo (Grace's most favorite, it goes up down up down up down and around),


and Pinocchio (Scary).

 The teacups were also a must as well as storybook land!

We got a bunch of tomorrow land stuff under our belts...

buzz light year, star tours AND Space mountain (Super fast super awesome).

We headed over to toon town for a bit

 and caught sight of a few favorite characters...

minnie mouse and goofy.

Goofy, Mickey and the Chipmunks (Chip & Dale) are in Grace's top favorites.

 We all grabbed (another) Ice-cream with ears

 (at the insistence of Auntie Donna...

 how could we possibly argue...

and it was a perfect snack)

Grace and the grandfolks headed back for a nap and we hit, well everything else!

  I went on a bunch more rides including the jungle cruise, pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, winnie the pooh... we met back up with everyone in time for the parade,

then to top it all off... finished up big with splash mountain!

 I have to figure out how to get the picture that Uncle Ry has downloaded... it is amazing.

We met up with Grace, Grandma and Grandpa for dinner on the street and enjoyed the wonderful fireworks display, complete with a real-live tinkerbell!  We finally headed home, and I FINALLY got to practice my light saber,

 which I was anticipating all day long, especially since we saw the cool Jedi Training academy and I got to build it myself.

Even young padwan Grace got a chance to test her skills.

Next morning, early we had breakfast with Goofy and friends.

 This meant we got to hug goofy and meet all sorts of cool characters came right by our table and chatted with us!  We got to meet Aladdain,


 Chip, Dale,


 a babboon, and of course Goofy!  Soooo awesome.  Not only did we get to meet all sorts of cool characters, we got a Goofy breakfast... dessert for breakfast, pizza (including mac and cheese Pizza, pb&J pizza...), as well as the traditional fare.

After breakfast, Daddy and I took a drawing class and learned how to draw Mickey Mouse

while Grace, Mom and Grandma went and got our Mickey Cookies that we earned by completing a scavanger hunt earlier...

 Grace was so excited she kept declaring "Oh My Goodness!" while staring at the GIANT cookie.

We headed home finally... exhausted and happy.  What a wonderful and awesome trip... Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!  We definitely made loads of great memories.

On the way home we stopped off for a while at Great Grandma Mary's house.

  It was such a treat to visit with her and my awesome Great Uncles!  I got to show the Uncles how to play video games on Dad's I-pad, and Grace entertained Grandma with her silly antics.  We love visiting the Tulare family and it was a great break from the road.

Had a nice quiet day on Thursday in Fresno with a nice visit with Auntie Donna, Mr & Mrs Mayeda,

 some relaxing and recovering and books!

 Headed home to see Scooter finally and have had a quiet weekend in recovery.  The highlight was visiting with Joaquin, Esme and Val for some egg dying and lots of play-time.

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Rebecca Jackson said...

What an awesome trip!!! So glad you had a great time! Noah is quite jealous that you went on the Nemo Submarine!