Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

 Happy Easter everyone!  We had a week filled with eggs, friends and gratitude for time with everyone!  Well, we actually dyed eggs last week, but didn't put the pictures together quickly enough. 

 Val, Joaquin and Esme hosted us (and again this weekend!! Thank you friends!).  Our eggs looked beautiful, and Owen and J's jedi skills were awesome.
 This Friday we went to watch Owen's fun run at school... he ran at least 15 laps (but we don't have a final   count just yet). in 30 minutes, maybe a few more... He was awesome, his teacher described him as an energizer bunny!  We were so proud to watch him, he is so focused!
 Well, except that he does show off his card everytime he goes past.
 There was a goal though... the whole class got to enjoy Popsicles afterwards!
 Everyone ran hard and totally enjoyed the Popsicle... I also got to share about Disneyland at school today (and share some chocolate coins) making it "The best day ever!!"
 That afternoon we finally made it to the food pantry at church.  Owen and I were great at helping out, especially Owen who picked up soup bowls when visitors were done with them and both of us helped stomp the cardboard boxes flat at the end of the evening.  In addition to some hard work, there was plenty of time for pingpong with all of the kids.
 Saturday we got to see our friends Andy and Alex!  It had been a while.  We joined them for a huge easter-egg hunt at their preschool.  O and I were perhaps overwhelmed, but Mom had a good time catching up with her friends!  Andy and O eventually got a bit of running around time in... as well as some sunshine!  So nice to have a break from the cold rain we have been having the past week.
 Easter morning was pretty exciting... the Easter Bunny brought some chocolate and a few treats... Grandma and Grandpa Steves sent this great surprise egg that kept us busy unraveling it and finding all of the goodies wrapped up inside.
 I loved the beads and the cute chickie in the middle egg.
 Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom (Hope you're feeling better Grandpa!!) send us even more easter treats, including this cute hutch that holds two chocolate bunnies.
 We headed to church and enjoyed the nice service before heading back to Joaquin, "My Esme", Val and Ray's house for an Easter Brunch with friends.  Owen made Val this cute planted (Owen actually came up with most of the ideas, the egg shells, dirt and plant, mom found some hens and chicks from the front yard that owen harvested and voila... cute easter worthy planter and card for "Joaq").
 We had a lovely morning/afternoon full of friends, running around in the sunshine, yummy food.
 A lovely afternoon with lovely friends.
 One (or two) more Egg Hunts!  We all did great... very civilized among friends this time, we were much more adventurous. 
 Us little kids had a great time in the back (and helped each other out a bit along the way)
  Out front the big-kids were very thorough in their hunt... everyone came away with loads of yummy eggs!
 And a few that would feed the soul... if your soul likes confetti that is!
 What a blast!  Owen got to crack some and be cracked on... he was a great sport!
 Thanks for sharing this sunny day and your home guys!  We love spending time with you!
 This afternoon was spent largely outside, doing some basic yard-work and playing with neighbors afterwards... bey blades are indeed pretty cool (hey where did Owen and Eli go?)
We wish an Easter full of hope and happiness.

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