Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mulch - Woo Hoo!

- Mulch (lots and lots of mulch), great bike ride to woodstock for dinner at pizza roma, and
-my first run with Mom... we made 25 minutes and did a super great job!   About half-way through I was discussing our grande finale..
Me:  "Mom, you know what the professionals do?"
Mom: " Professional what... runners?  they run right?"
Me:  "Yeah, but when they finish they high-five and say "WOO!" and "Nice Job".  I think when we finish we should go have a popsicle on the deck and give each-other high-fives and say "WOO!" and nice job"

Mom:  "That is a great idea, we'll totally do that.... just like the pros."

...and so it was done, very professionally at that.  Mom and I have a tentative date to try to do this every Saturday.  Hopefully we can stick with it, it was lots of fun.
Andy's 4th Birthday party (Happy Birthday friend!!).  It was a great messy art party with this really engaging flubber table at mt scott. 

Extra special visit from Coach and Lil!  Had a great dinner, Lil read us brought us some books and read them with us, I showed off my finding waldo skills that we didn't even know I had!  Had a really nice dinner catching up with our friends :)

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James said...

I still don't understand why Coach and Lil came and Lilli and I did not, but it looks like y'all had fun!