Sunday, May 06, 2012

poundin' the pavement

The sunshine days are back... though we did have a lot of grey and some downpours.  This, of course means we spent a lot of time outside!  About mid-week, we celebrated Pearl's birthday!  Happy Birthday Pearl!  Had a great party at her house with a bunch of great kids to run-around with. 
 Mom and I spent a lot of Friday painting and doing chores around the house.
  It was a great day, and obviously had been too long since we pulled out the paints, they actually held my (and Scooter's!) attention for most of the morning!

 I turned out several masterpieces while Mom harvested some of our amazing Rhubarb for some tarts.
 Well, we just had to have someone to share those tarts with, so we finally got to get together with Benjamin, Cat and Chris for a great homemade pasta dinner and great company!
 Hey, we just realized that the Farmer's market is open again.  So after a quick breakfast on Saturday morning, we headed into the market to meet up with some friends.
 (Photo by Owen)
 We found Charlie and Kit, Monica and Maggie right off the bat so we all headed up to the playground for some fun running around time before shopping more seriously.
 Afterwards, we got some amazing cheese and a baguette and grabbed a bite to eat with Christina and Ian.  
 After all that running around, I crashed on the way home.
 We spent much of the rest of the afternoon in the yard and working around the house.  This morning, Mommy and Owen headed to their first ever race together... the 5K parks race!  They headed Waaay up to Columbia park and joined 298 other runners for this event!
 Owen started out pretty pumped up, very excited!  He couldn't wait for the race to start!  He took off and made it around about 1.5 laps (a bit over a mile) pretty much at top speed but was then, alas DONE.  He had a hard time the next lap and a half, but he and Mom walked most of them (even with a few tears when he realized there was still MORE), but in the end they finished the race strong!
 We are so proud of them for getting on the road again and running... and most importantly finishing the race
 Way to go team Steves-Larson!
 That afternoon I spent circling the street... my biking skills have really benefited from a few days outside.  I can go up and down the whole street and mostly turn myself.
 We had a huge list-o-things to do today... mostly fun stuff around the house and yard, Dad brewed a new beer, Mom started making me a shirt, we rode bikes, we planted plants, made bug-houses, rode bikes...
 Followed my most wonderful brother around... a lot.
 and finally finished with dinner on the deck.  The weather remained PERFECT all day long.
I love it when spring is warm and sunny, spending time with friends and family in the sunshine is just the best!

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