Sunday, May 27, 2012


 Well, it has been a sweet week so far... lots of super great treats.

 Grace and Mom picked me up after my last day of WuShu... it was tough, but pretty cool!  We headed over to Cloud City again...

 I tried the Sherbet, mom was sooo happy with the blackberry-lime and grace loved her chocolate!

 I am apparently pretty popular among a few special gals at school and some of our exchanged friendly pictures have escalated to proper love notes...

My friend P. at school, with whom I have extensive wedding plans sent these... one practices math,

and in the other she is Jem (outrageous!).
This weekend has been fun, sweet and practical...

Fun:  We got to go to see a play, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Steves... Thanks guys!. 
Can you believe they made "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" into a cool play!?  It was pretty great... we got a cookie,

and saw the play...the actors were hilarious!

 It was such a treat to go as a family and we had a really lovely afternoon.


On the way back we stopped and grabbed some pudding, but are most excited about the cookie that we will get from Grand Central later this week.
Speaking of sweet...
Cousin Erin and Mike got married this past week and though we couldn't share in the wedding itself, we are so happy for them and are celebrating with them in our hearts!

Practical:   For much of the rest of the weekend, we have been doing some shopping, getting food and the house together for a big (weather permitting) memorial day bbq at our house... It has been busy, but good to kinda get some stuff together, cleaned up... the grown-ups needed some giggles and lightening up, which Grace is very good at.  
So... happy wedding to the happy couple and Thank you to our service men and women!

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