Sunday, June 24, 2012

a berry nice week

re-entry... after having a great vacation in NY, we are getting settled back in, enjoying what Portland summer has to offer.... 'cause it's  mostly not sunshine, yet.  We are getting berries though, plenty of them... raspberries from our own bushes (So many, so yummy... did you guys not find them Joaquin and Esme?), blueberries from Pete's down the street, Strawberries that we bought from school... oh my, we looove the berries.

To mix things up a bit (from the strait-up berry extravaganza we have been enjoying) we had Mom's favorite of raspberries with hand whipped cream, amaretto cookies and shaved chocolate... oh my, and the Strawberries occasionally with a drop of some really fantastic balsamic that we got from the Moch's from Christmas, I am so glad we still have some for the berries... that or strawberries as Auntie Becky taught Mom to enjoy with sour cream and brown sugar... really though, these are like gilding the lily... the berries are candy sweet and delicious themselves.

  I don't start summer camp until next week, so I got to spend two days in the office with Mom and Dad.  It was pretty exciting, I wrote some books about fishy and his undersea friends, I got to hang with lando (dog) and Fabian (Jalene's new baby!), Mostly it went pretty well, I really thought it was exciting, in spite of having to sit still for so long.  Friday though, Mom finally felt she had a handle on her summer class, so we went ton a special date to the Portland Art Museum.  It was pretty great, I did really well for about an hour or so.  There was a fantastic California impressionist exhibit, and I saw a boat picture and a lot of flower pictures I liked a lot.

Mom was impressed by my comments on the modern art, and for speaking pretty astutely about how the artists paint light differently using different colors in particular places, I did some drawing with my oil pastels when we got back, as well as made a paint by number game for Dad to follow.

 Saturday, I had a birthday party to attend...

Maddy turned 6 so we got to celebrate with her!

 It was so fun to see some of my school friends again, I have missed them.

 We had a blast playing in the park, and her folks had all sorts of fun games,

including a tough Pinata and bobbing for apples.

It was my first time at the apple bucket and it was not easy... it took me quite a while and I ended up as the wettest of the bunch.  

Otherwise, it has been a busy/low-key kind of weekend, sort of lazy summer of errand running, housekeeping and a healthy mix of taking advantage of sun breaks in the afternoon to sit on the deck,

 nibble berries, read books, practice the uke., poking around at the garlic, wondering if it is ready to harvest yet, 

  yummy salad dinners, farmer's markets, chicken wrangling, biking, jammin'

... you know fun stuff.

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