Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kindergarten.... check

Well, we made it... One year of Kindergarten.  Owen has made many new and wonderful friends.  He has learned to read... he reads to me every night now, his math skills are improving every day (though he still thinks trading a quarter for a nickle is a good deal), he can tell-time (more or less), he can keep his hands to himself (usually), and is much better at working with a big group to learn, in fact he sees the value of people working together cooperatively to make it easy for everyone to learn!    We are so impressed by his progress, his growth, his joy.  WOW!  I can't believe what a big first step on our educational journey we have taken... it's going to be quite the trip!

More soon! Happy end of kindergarten and happy fathers day! We have gone fishing'

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