Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not I.....

Oh my oh my, school is rounding that last big corner and we're finishing things up so shortly.  It has been such a big first year of school, I have learned so much:  reading, writing, math, how to be respectful of people around me, how to have fun and make friends.  My new favorite song is the "make new friends" song "because it is about being a good friend and being friendly to new people too and treasures". 
 This week we had a play at school, My class did The Little Red Hen, and I was a dog.  

  "Not I, I just got a new bone"
Though the folks couldn't make it, Pearl's folks took the pictures and videos for us.  Thanks guys!
It was pretty cool!  After Mom picked me up from school that afternoon, we grabbed a Laughing Planet dinner with my buds Joaquin, Esme and Val.  It was a perfect way to wrap up a big day.  
Well, Dad headed to MD for work this week (he was on a plane during the play), so after a day or so... we got super lucky and Grandma Terri came out to help Mom watch me and Grace.

 We love hanging with Grandma, and ate loads of good food,

 and had lots of fun while she was here.

 She brought a lot of lovely books, including a song book that we practiced (if you watch the full-sized video, you will see G. nodding off during parts)

Grace and Grandma went downtown one day while Mom and I were in school and ate a big sausage sandwich and saw a military band play.  Grace LOVED the trombone and saxophone!  It was pretty great. Grace and Grandma also made some jewlry,

While I played mancala and chess with Grandma

I may have taught her a few tricks along the way.

Friday was pretty exciting as well at school!

It was field day, which basically is a whole bunch of fun activities for the classes to do, including sack races, a bouncy house

 and a parachute!

 It was awesome !  There was a big bike rally day also afterschool, but I think I overdid the Grapes, and cherries that Grandma got us, and was feeling a bit ill by that time, so we just headed home to make some soup.

.  That night Daddy came home,

so we all got to hang out for a bit on Saturday.

We ended up hitting the Farmer's Market

 and enjoyed some really tasty cheese and bread and picked up some artichokes and mushrooms for dinner.

 For Lunch we headed over to Boke Bowl, for some nice Ramen, we even got to watch them make the noodles!

We finally said farewell to Grandma; we are so grateful that she was able to spend the time with us, it made to week much easier for mom and much more fun for Grace and me.

  Thank you Grandma!

That evening we had a great al fresco dinner, including the beautiful italian Artichokes we got at the market...


Grace is working hard at cleaning-up after making a mess.  Sometimes we all have different ideas about what is helpful.

 Grace thinks holding the box is helpful.

Enjoying the sunshine on a sunny Sunday morning.

We headed over to celebrate Liam's second birthday!

 It was a super fun birthday party with our favorite folks around.

We all had a great time playing in the garden,

 enjoying cupcakes,


On the subject of birthdays... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We have two new babies!  Cousin Max Connor AND sweet friend Elsa Patricia were born this weekend.  Welcome to the world dear ones, we can't wait to meet you!

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