Sunday, June 03, 2012

Party Party Party!

 Wooo Hoo, it seems that party season is upon us an we loooovvve it.  

We ended our Memorial weekend with a classic cookout.  We had a wonderful afternoon filled with loads of friends,

 tons of yummy food and paper airplane contests.

 For our paper airplane contests, we had three heats: the adults,  the smallest of the small ones

The biggest of the small ones....

we had trials for both accuracy
 and distance
 and a few winners!

 though everyone who participated had some pretty cool airplanes to show off.
 We love having this opportunity to just catch up with everyone!  We see many of our friends somewhat regularly, but don't actually spend a lot of time hanging out, esp. coming out of winter when everyone seems to have been hibernating 
 I can't say it is exactly balmy yet, but the jackets are put away and the sun does try to peek out once in a while.  I was particularly excited about the hotdogs (from Ottos!).  Yay Hotdogs.
 When we weren't eating, or testing our flying skills  we were running wild in the yard.
 We had so much fun playing with trucks, the chickens and

 aaand a bunch of the adults... esp Ian and Brian T.  Thanks' guys for making us as wild as possible!
 There was a bit of a breather for much of the rest of the happily short week, though I got to join Mom at school for her department's end of the year party too!
 I was only mildly disruptive, but for the most part things went well.  Our garden is coming along nicely
 We have had our first strawberries and they are pretty yummy!  After all the excitement at Mom and Dad's work, we ended up with nacho / movie night, which was just right.  We watched Volcanoes of the Deep, which I thought was a bit scary, but Owen totally loved.  The next day he made a fantastic picture of the Alvin going down to the deep sea with his new oil pastels (his favorite medium after some great art projects at school).
 Saturday was spent running errands with Mom (which included another visit to little big burger!  Gotta do something to even out the time at the fabric store) while Dad was doing a kayak gig.  That evening we got to spend celebrating Joanne's 50th (belated, I think this is her 52nd) birthday.  It was nice to play with and chat with the neighbors for a  relaxing evening in their beautiful garden.
 Today we got to celebrate Benjamin's birthday!

 He turned 5 today and we got to play at Sellwood Park.  Made the folks remember that it has been a bit too long since we have had some good park play time.
 We had a wonderful time!  I was so gung-ho that even though I could barely walk, I wanted to do more slide, more swings, more tunnels even as we were leaving and my head was drooping on Mom's shoulder.  

 Happy Birthday Buddy!

All in all a fantastic week... I love it when we can fill it up with our friends!

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