Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another busy weekend

Our busy weekend started on Friday when Great Aunt Geralyne and Great Uncle Mark stopped by for a visit.  Aunt Geralyne painted my toes a lovely shade of pink while

Owen challenged Uncle Mark to some chess.  I'm not sure who won, but they seemed pretty serious about it.

Later we all went to the zoo

and saw all sorts of animals like the lions.

Owen even checked out the lion statue for cavities.

Hey look, we're in the middle of the exhibit.

Then on Saturday we had our annual block party.  It was non-stop fun from noon until bed time.

We had clowns who rode up on giant double tall bikes and made us balloon animals.  At first I was a bit scared by the clowns, but I got over it after awhile.

I got a dragonfly and Owen got a monkey on a tree.

Then the firemen stopped buy with their ladder truck for us to check out.  They came last year too, but had to leave almost as soon as they got here that time.

They were able to stay this time and we got to climb on board the truck and check out the controls.

I thought Owen enjoyed the fire truck too, but looking at this photo, I'm not so sure.

Oh, and we had a big kiddie pool that I got to play in.

And I hung out on our neighbor Pam's porch swing with my friend Aubrey.

Later I rode my bike down the closed street with Aubrey.

The block party was lots of fun.  I can't wait for the next block party.

Sunday was also busy.  It started with a birthday party for our friend Alice.  A lot of our friends where there and we had cupcakes, costumes, and bubbles.

Big bubbles

and little bubbles.

Later in the afternoon we went down to the Sellwood Riverfront Park and enjoyed the weather.

Monday, July 23, 2012

John Day Fossil Beds!

 Birthday fun for Mom... favored picnic dinner (fancied up with a farmers market pate), pretty necklace, impromptu pampering, smiles and sweetness all around.
 Blueberry picking with our pals!  I was at camp (which has been pretty awesome... this week was bowling and the zoo!)
 some really sweet berries  at berries to bellies followed by a nice lunch in sherwood at Fat Milos!
 Really all a fun week to prelude a big camping trip out to John Day!
 Our Tee-pees were right on the river in Clyde Holliday Park... kinda lux camping accommodations (minus the mosquitoes.... the mosquitoes were not lux)
 Awesome camp meals... we even caught enough big crayfish for a bit of a snack!  Catching crayfish was my most favorite part, Dad felt like he was walking through his youth teaching us how to go about it.
 Some sprinkler soccer.... also fun.... I'd like to take a moment to note the beautiful scenery around here... and during much of the (Looong) drive out.  It was pretty amazing!
 Late night games waiting for the stars to come out!
 blue berry pancakes for breakfast... thanks Val!  Yum!
 Followed with a visit to the Sheep Rock unit of Fossil beds National Monument
 The whole drive was like this!
 We started out with a ranger guided hike to the blue basin... named for the cool light blue rock in which they find loads of fossils.

After our hike and a visit to the (air conditioned :) museum, we headed back to camp for some bike riding
 and a lot of playing in the stream, next to catching crawdads, my favorite activity was launching boats (leaves, twigs, some combo of the two), though the swimming hole was pretty fun too.

 In an attempt to dry off we spent a lot of time running around, and have Grace douse us with a grey-water drenched sponge ... ew.
 and excavating a bit on our own.
 One more fantastic pasta dinner with really delicious peach cobbler for dessert :)
 and maybe just one more smore for everyone :)
 The Tee-pees were pretty cool... spacious, neat lookin' BUT a bit open at the bottom, making them very inviting for the mosquitoes, who were very selective, seems Ray, Mom and I were the tastiest.
 Our stretch of the river with my "Harbor" built out a bit.
 Cinnamon roll breakfast
 and the ride home past windmills, and vistas of Mts Rainer, Hood, Jefferson, Helens (though obscured with clouds), and Adams

 Home at last, a good harvest dinner and to bracket the post... another picnic dinner (harvest themed this time... look at those pretty watermelon radishes!) to make it easy after unpacking and cleaning up... what an awesome week!