Sunday, July 15, 2012

Aaaahhh sunshine

I mean it must really really be here, summer, with all of this sunshine (and rain today... what??).  All in all it has been a good week.  Playing some games (Trying to figure out Phylo... the new rage... if we can only figure out how to play... but the cards are super cool)
 The berries in our yard are currently awesome We are getting a steady stream of blueberries out front and a ton of raspberries out back.

 And what if there is ever space in our bellies, we go down the street to top off with Pete's which are about 100x more abundant than ours.
 It's really a pretty great way to spend an evening after school.  That and hanging with Daddy on Mom's fabric she's trying to cut-out.
 Friday, Mom and I had a great afternoon hanging out with Linda... Lunch at Jam (Mom thought it was funny they were trying to decide where to eat... Toast?  or Jam? ), followed by a bit of hanging-out and after picking up Owen and Andy at their adjacent schools... headed out to (surprise) Cloud City for some Ice cream.  Owen was pretty excited that Julius, his friend from school was there!  We hadn't seen him in weeks and got to see him at the shop, and the next day at his birthday party!  So cool.
 Plus, who doesn't have a great time at the ice-cream shop?
 Just a little bug catching in jammies, first thing in the morning.
 and a bit of Mom trying hard to convince Dad to trim back his monster hops.
 ... he's a little protective
 Sun and soft grass... our back-yard is about perfect right now.   
 It's fun to be able to roll around, and run in the sun.
 Saturday, we headed over to the Farmer's Market, for a baguette, pretty dahlias, Strawberries and people watching.

 A bit of dancing to the bands... Owen is perfecting some deep knee moves and tried to teach me a bit.

 We actually (batteries ran out... alas) had a pretty impressive visit; we caught the act of a really great juggler who ... swallowed a sword right in front of us!  The folks and I were impressed, I'm not sure Owen actually caught it, but it was pretty cool. We headed downtown and Daddy picked up his early early birthday present (a guitar... he is pretty excited), and we got lunch at Chen's good taste, probably our favorite Portland Chinese restaurant.  
 Tonight we had a nearly impromptu dinner with some friends... Pizza on the grill and good friends to play with and chat with.
 Thanks for rolling with our last minute ways Alice, Henry and Benjamin and families, it was great to hang out with you!

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