Sunday, July 01, 2012


So, Owen started swim lessons.  Alas, they didn't have any at the same time for me, so I have to sit this session out.  He is doing well after a long hiatus!  Must work on breathing though.  

Not to say that I haven't had any pool time,
 Daddy took me on Saturday while Mom and Owen worked on dinner (green enchiladas... a TON of these for us and for the new baby papa and mommy of Elsa).  
We had a great time, and I have to be working on putting my ears into the water, my least favorite part to get wet.  We finished cooking things up, while Owen ran around with the camera during the drizzly afternoon.  

The rest of the day (alas, also no pictures, can you believe we forgot the camera!), was pretty awesome.  We had to deliver the enchiladas and a cherry claufouti to Elsa, Ian and Christina.  We were so lucky and had such a great time visiting with them.  Elsa is sleepy and adorable, she yawns and stretches and looks up pretty serenely when she finally opens her eyes.  I even tolerated Mom holding her for quite a while before getting jealous.  After the visit, we headed over to Salt and Straw for all sorts of cool flavored icecream, I got tart cherry, Owen had a cinnamon snickerdoodle that was excellent, Dad's strawberry balsamic mmmm and Mom was overly cautious in her almond brittle and coffee (it was good though).  

BEND:  Today we headed out on a day-trip to Bend.  The folks got us up early and we drove through amazingly beautiful country with vast vistas of the three sisters, Mt. bachelor and Mt Jefferson.  We spent most of our time at the amazing High Desert Museum.
 Where we spent time with Thomas the otter
 Admiring tent caterpillars and their industrious ways
 There was tons to do there, including some spider web crawling
 Wildlife viewing
 In addition to a huge sand pile for digging in, there were loads of birds, adorable chipmunks (my favorite) and ground squirrels to watch.
 There was a cool pioneer settlement where we got to help pump water, scrub the porch, and saw logs.

 We grabbed lunch at in town at the Bend Brewing Company... great beer (so the folks say) and okay food. We finished with a great walk around town.
 Including my favorite... a totoro sighting.
 There were good places to hang out, trick unicyclers to watch.
 And beautiful grassy areas along the river for us to roll down and run around.
All in all a great day and a much desired excursion, it was so much fun to explore a place we haven't been before.

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