Sunday, July 08, 2012

our favorite things!

Lucky lucky us!  Grandma Terri came back this week!  
And she brought Grandpa Tom and Zoe with her this time.  We had such a wonderful visit with them, filled with loads of quality family time, food, and fun fun fun.  They also brought Grace's fancy princess bike she got from Auntie Donna and Uncle John for Christmas, she was so very excited to have such a fancy pink bike to ride around.

 The sun is finally out too, and it is lovely out, Grandpa and Zoe took us for a walk down to Cloud City and to find a fun grande finale four our fourth of July Celebration... Grace got her favorite... Pink icecream (that's the flavor she always requests).
 Grandma and Grandpa have been saving their Sunday comics for us.  Grandpa tried to explain them all to us as we went through them.
 I was disappointed the folks didn't have their act together for decorating for the fourth, so I got on the ball and put up some pretty good posters.
 After belateded realizing (that is, after running all over town looking for food), that folks close down for the fourth, we ended up with a pretty fantastic grilled salmon and some front-yard fireworks of our own.
 We had a pretty good time, though I think our favorites were the sparklersOf
 of course... loads of fun
 for everyone!

 Even Grace appreciated it a bit.  Zoe perhaps least of all, but she hung in there.

 Grandpa's big finale firework was pretty impressive... loud, bright and big... almost a spectacle worthy of San Diego!
 Thursday, everyone went back to work except Grace got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa.
 They put their day together to good use... and made cupcakes!  And went to the pool, where Grace swam between Grandma and Grandpa and had a great time... she is still talking about it.  They also took me to swim lessons that evening so Mom and Dad could head out on a date.  They hit Bamboo and Gigantic brewing and had a lovely evening out.  The next morning we woke early to get a start on celebrating my half birthday and headed to Bob's Red Mill.
 Where everyone indulged in yummy biscuits, pancakes, eggs, the works, as well as stocked our pantries.
 We followed up with a trip to the Zoo, high on my list of things to do this summer.  It was dampened a bit by a major fit thrown by good ol' Grace, but she came around eventually and ended up having a nice visit.
 A giant elephant ear treat doesn't hurt much either :)
 I think we tuckered them out.  We all grabbed a nap at home for a bit before heading out to Laurelhurst go get our pictures taken and play in the park.

 I raced with Grace back to the car...
Ready ... Set ... Go!
 First one to catch up with Grandpa wins!
 To top off a busy and fun day, we ended up at Wafu on Division.  We have to give it two (or twelve) thumbs up!  They brought me and Grace bowls of plain noodles and edamame, which kept us very very happy, the rest was mostly small plates and by all reports, delicious!  Happy kids, Happy adults.
 mmmm noodles.
 We followed up with dessert at the Salt and Straw stand down the street.
 Grace, of course ordered pink...
 Saturday was a bit mellower.  I got to spend the night at the hotel with Grandpa and Grandma.  It was pretty awesome!  I got to wake up and do some exercise (and now have a regimen of sit-ups, push-ups and my wu-shu kicks that I encourage everyone to participate in).  We also went for a run for a half hour.
 While Grandpa was getting his breakfast, Grandma took me to the spa... Sleep-overs with the Grandfolks are really really fun!

 When we finally joined the rest of the family, Grace had been patiently waiting for Grandma to help her with her nails.

 and her hair!
 Oh, did I mention Grandma showed me how to spike my hair with hair wax?
 Lookin' good right?
 We had a few more things to do around town before saying goodbye.  Like a bit of shopping downtown, with lunch at Little Big Burger.  Grandma and I shared my first root beer float... Mom has been holding out on me man.
 Grace got another pink dessert at NuVrei (Mom's favorite pastry shop... maybe ever)
 I think we kept them busy enough, but we finally let Grandma and Grandpa and Zoe head back home.  We are ever so grateful for such a wonderful visit, and spending so much precious time with them.  We really had a wonderful visit.  Thank you for coming out! Love you guys!
A  bit later that day... after a long late nap, we got to spend the evening with Esme, Joaquin and Val... returned from their vacation!  Dad made some home-made pasta and we all had a blast playing together.
 Grace and Esme were more chatty than ever and played really well together.  We got to enjoy the cupcakes made by Grace and Grandma, and further celebrate my half birthday...  you can say its a party if my kid friends are over.

 And the Brenneis-Lee fun didn't stop with one wee dinner... We met up today as well, in the morning for berry picking.
 Yep, that perfect sign of summer... a morning spent running around the berry fields with our friends
 having a blast, getting all sweaty in the beautiful sunshine... finding shade where we can hide and eat berries.

 Or get soaked "drinking" at the water cooler.

 Silly faces
 Oh my...
 Nothin' but a bunch of goofs.
 We took our haul home... about 20 lbs of berries in the end... mostly Obsidian black berries...  We started freezing and jammin' this afternoon, and then headed over to the Brenneis-Lee home to enjoy the sprinklers and company.
 Boy do we love running around in our swimsuits.
 And eating more fruit than we probably should in a day.
 Enjoying some of Val's beautiful carrots.
 Before indulging in some popsicles.
 Pink faces and smiles everywhere!
What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon... relaxing (or playing wildly) with dear friends. 

  Happy summer at last
Thanks for making it a blast everyone!

Oh my, I forgot to mention... Dad and I went fishing earlier this week on his Kayak...  it was in part to help with a travel-oregon segment... check out the video with us (and some of Dad's friends!) in it:

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