Sunday, August 26, 2012


Ah, summer, I mean fall... what the hootin hollerin happened to summer? It has cooled a bit this week, but we are still enjoying summer time around here.  Owen Finished up with his camp this week with a big finale of fishing!  He brought home a trout for dinner... thanks Owen! 
 On Friday, Mom got her act together and busted out a few awesome science experiments for us to do... first off... Elephant Toothpaste!
 We Love anything that foams up... and that we can play with... and we needed to change things up from the ol' faithful baking soda + vinegar tricks.
 After a couple of goes at this frothy fun,
 we headed inside (and out back) and microwaved pieces of Ivory soap... In less than two minutes, you get to hold a fluffy soapy cloud (then crumble it into fun soapy flakes).
 Ah... clean messes, Mom's favorite.
 After fun, messy fun, we watched a few replays of my favorite... rhythmic gymnastics.  We spent much of the rest of the afternoon ribbon and hula-hoop dancing in the back-yard.
 Owen went for the dramatic and acrobatic... he is pretty good!
 I was more for the twirly and jumpy!
 Saturday, I got to spend the afternoon with my friends from School at Lucy's birthday party.
 We played a ton in the park, had elmo cupcakes
 and a lovely afternoon while Owen and Dad hit Estacata for a few more trout from the kayak (and maybe a slurpee)
 Today we joined the masses around here for the Sunday parkways, where they close the streets for a big loop around southeast.  We headed over to Joaquin and Esme's house before biking all the way over to Laurelhurst!  It was pretty awesome when we got there, there was a lot of booths, but most impressively was a huge set of circus themed activities!
 Owen got to work the Climbing wall
 While I learned the devils sticks, hula hoops and more ribbons
 We got a quick lunch break (free bagels!  I Love bagels)
 then ran into Alice, Henry and their folks.... and playing by the pond and watching Owen and Joaquin try the tight-rope.
 Owen did good, though biffed at the end (ouch).  There was some excellent hula-hooping
 And then... the giant slip-n-slide... we were very brave
 and had a fun slide down...
 until the very end... where Joaquin and I in turn both got up to run and slipped again (ugh... it was an awesome but a bit rough day for Owen)
Overall it was pretty exciting!  We  (okay I rode along... but still) biked over six-miles, played hard in the middle and had a blast.  Sunday parkwasys are great!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's just beachy!

Ahh... summer, we had a lovely week, complete with a celebration of Juila Child's 100th birthday.  We watched Jacques and Julia make omlets, read the art of French Cooking how to make them and then Mom tackled her first julia child/french-esque omelets for dinner.  not too bad.  
Ahhh the beach, ahh summer at the beach with double jackets :)  It is worth it!  
That's at least what I kept saying this weekend.  In truth the chill didn't really even phase me and Grace because we were at the beach gosh darn it!  
We had a great family camping weekend at Beachside state park.  We had an awesome site about thirty seconds from this glorious sandy beach, can't ask for a better way to spend a weekend!  
We have camped nearby in the past, at one of our other favorite places, Cape perpetua, so we knew we would love it.  This time, we explored a bit further afield, after spending Fri evening
 and Saturday morning at our beach, 
exploring, finding all sorts of amphipods, 
and mostly digging and running wild
(and collecting more amphipods) we headed up to Florence on Saturday to check out the town.  It is quite nice really, we got a great lunch before heading out to the dunes.

 These were pretty fun!  Super steep, super soft, definitely worth running up and leaping down often.
 Only face planting a few times... but sand shakes out of your ears and hair pretty well...
 and grace had her eye protection on.
 Everyone got in on the leaping and bounding fun

 'cause it makes you feel a little bit like you're flying.

There were also loads of cool big bivalve shells on the shore, though Grace and Daddy mostly lazed on the dunes burying things in the cascading sands, Mom and I explored.  On the way back to camp, while grace snoozed, Mom and I headed down to see the devil's churn, which was pretty cool.  Lots of black rocks, sea palms, sea stars, and big ol' sloshing waves.

 Back at camp, we made dinner (our favorite easy camp meal... sausages, flatbread, and Suzanne's Kale apple salad.)
 We actually slept pretty well in spite of the s'mores and camp pies just before bed, though not super warm, it never cools down too much so it was definitely comfortable.  This morning we actually slept in later than anticipated and almost missed the low tide.  After a cinnamon roll for breakfast we high-tailed it over to seal rock for some of the prettiest and most amazing tidepools ever.  
They were just beautiful!  Quite accessible at low tide, easy to walk around on as most of the life was pretty sturdy and held up nicely underfoot (no crunching of critters!).

 The pools were filled with crabs, hermit crabs, sea anemones (not sea enemies like I was trying so hard NOT to say), and seastars (not to mention a host of lush algae and seagrasses!).
 I was in love. We couldn't walk two feet without me wanting desperately to stop and look at something
 in every nook and crannie out there.
 And there were loads of awesome nooks and fascinating crannies
 Grace was mildly less impressed once she got a close-up of a few seastars, but she got back into it at the end after playing in the sand.
 But I couldn't be moved.
 My whole goal was to find as many hermit crabs as I could!  Seagrass pools are exceptionally good for hunting.
 I am an explorer at heart... a hungry explorer.  We headed home after this great finale to our beachy weekend. It was so worth it!  It was pretty nice to cap it all off we stopped off at American Dream in Corvalis.  All in all a pretty great weekend!