Sunday, August 05, 2012

Summer Olympics

It is ON!  We are loving watching some Olympics, but really, we are more living our own summer olympics!
 We really excel in the fields of picking... tomatoes,
 Berries and berries!  Friday Mom took us out to Sauvie Island where we grabbed some cucumbers for dad to pickle, and then headed out to Bella Organics for some berries.  The blue-berries, were alas quite thin, but the farm totally redeemed itself with some honey sticks
 And a free, totally available bounce house!  In spite of the heat, Grace and I got to bounce for a good half-hour before we were sweaty little puddles
 And Mom insisted that we take a break
 However, bounce house olympians don't simply take a break... they jump higher!
 Faster and stronger!
  Until we really were puddles and a cool drink didn't sound so bad at all...
 To make-up for the meager berry pickings on Friday, We headed out to one of our favorite picking places... blueberry valley at Rowell's bros.
 We got there early enough to almost beat the heat.... but these bushes are tall and shady, so it really wasn't bad.  definitely gold in terms of quantity of berries to pick.  On the way home we stopped by Uwajamaya for lunch and, of course, had to get some cream-puffs from beard papas... these things just make Mom almost silly with anticipation.
 Once we finally made it home, Grace and I spent most of the rest of the afternoon in the sprinklers out back.

 The best treat on a hot day!
 Sunday, we finally hit the beach... we haven't been much this year, but are going to make up for it.  Once we got some pancakes in everyone's bellies, we hit the road and headed out to Sea side.  Had a good lunch at the nearby brewery, followed by several hours on the perfectly warm beach, The sun was out, and it was a balmy 70deg.
 Just right for a bit of wading, kite-flying,
 Running in the sand
 and our favorite... building sand-castles!
 and digging holes in the sand.
 It was an idyllic way to spend the afternoon, nice and relaxed.  we headed home just as the wind really started picking up.
 We took our sandy selves home in time for Mom's haicut and some relaxing time around the house.
I'd say we definitely had a winning weekend.  Hope yours was gold as well!

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