Sunday, September 02, 2012


Happy 40th Daddy!  Well, it has been an awesome week.  I am home from camp, and got to spent a bunch of days soaking up summer... that means quality time with just me and Mom or Dad.  
We did a load of awesome road-trips and fun days around town. 
 To start, Mom and I started the week heading out to 
Cannon Beach for a beautiful sunny day.  
We built a great sand-castle and perfected our drip tower skills and even got the outlying villages established and fortified.  
The weather was lovely 
and there was plenty of splashing, 
kite-flying and running along the water.  
We even got to check out Tillamook lighthouse (from afar) and it was pretty exciting 'cause it is very much like the Moomin lighthouse!  Tuesday was Dad's birthday, so we met him and some friends downtown for lunch, then Mom and I headed out to the teacher's fountain for some splashing around and watching the giant chess games.
 Oh and a really yummy ruby jewel chocolate milk shake.
 That afternoon we made Dad his apple cake and got some sushi rollin for his dinner.
 Lots and lots of sushi rolls.
 We even made Grace some just rice ones, which were okay for her, I loved them however.
 Can you believe this good lookin' guy is already the big four-oh?
 What a great day and a super great Daddy!
 Thanks for sharing your cake with us!
 The next day I finally got a hair-cut.  The barber put some gel in it and I LOVED it, and really thought I looked pretty cool.
 Mom and I had a picnic lunch in laurelhurst, and lo and behold ran into my camp-mates who were on their field trip there that day!  I also made a few new friends as well.  After Grace came home we dug up a bunch of potatoes for dinner.
 her helmet was because she was easily distracted by bike riding between the potato hunt.
  Towards the end of the week, Mom had jury duty, so Dad got to spend a day with me and we headed to Trillium Lake for some fishing.

 What a beautiful day with Mt. Hood in the background,

and all sorts of lovely spots to hang your toes in the water.
 Friday night we went to Mt Scott to watch Tin Tin in the park.  Really most of the fun for us was before the movie... there was a good band, hula hoops, friends, and shave ice!
 In the end , since they didn't start the film until dark, we only lasted about an hour into it, but it was still lots of fun... and a blue moon to boot on a beautiful clear night... it lit up the park beautifully!
 Saturday was largely spent running errands, but we did get out to a berry farm for a music festival in the evening.
 There was a great bouncy house that kept us thoroughly occupied for a while, as well as some berry cobbler
 with loads of ice-cream... yummy!
 and some music... well not so much, by the time we got over there, they were between bands and experiencing some technical problems, but we waited patiently.
 for a bit then headed home before they figured everything out, but it was a beautiful day to be out on Sauvie Island
 enjoying the afternoon with our dear friends!  Today, we started with a ride over to the Woodstock farmer's market, and a big ol' pretzel.
 and spent the rest of it with loads of wonderful, kind, generous, fun friends who helped Dad take down his (scratchy itchy stingy) hops and harvest all the cones.  Given the four or five grocery bags of hoops they harvested, I think Dad will be kept busy brewing for a while.
 The kids also had a blast.  Esme and Grace spent a lot of time doing the grocery shopping and making cookies for everyone.
 while a lot of helpful hands pulled cones.
 under Dad's lovely pergola (we are still impressed and thoroughly enjoy it... Thanks again Dad and Chris for putting it together and Grandma and Grandpa for the supplies!)
 Charlie and I played Trucks v. Pirate ships.
 and some rhythmic gymnastics for a cheerful audience of some sweet babies.  JJ was particularly impressed.
we LOVE spending the day with friends.  What a great one!  

Also Happy Birthday Grandma Terri!  We wish you another wonderful year and hope to see you lots!

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