Sunday, September 09, 2012


Oh boy, it has been a pretty exciting week... I moved up to Mrs. Kristin's Preschool class (Love her!) and Owen started FIRST grade as well...  but wait, wait, let's not get too ahead of ourselves just yet.
Road Trip! (okay just a shortie)
'Cause we are sucking the marrow out of this beautiful weather and end of summer sunshine we have been enjoying.  For Labor Day, we had a great hike out at silver falls...
 we took the short hike and still got to walk underneath TWO waterfalls,
 there are many more once the folks are in good enough shape to carry  me for more than three miles or so... 
No to be fair, I did walk for much more than we expected
 and did really quite well with plenty of snacks to keep us all going!  
It was busy but beautiful and really cool...
 it will be awesome to check it out after it has been raining and see how big the falls can get!

Mom and Owen hung out for one more day together before school started...
 It was actually pretty relaxing, he wanted to stay around home, so they mostly ended up at the library, Lunch at a burger cart... 
and playing with Joaquin (Owen's special request).  T
they met up for Ice cream, poured over the Star wars encyclopedia of characters Owen picked up at the library,  then got to visit with Joaquin and Val for the afternoon while sorting out the lamb they are sharing and the veggies.    Which brings us to....
 BACK TO SCHOOL!  Hello First Grade!
 Our handsome guy was raring to go, excited to see all of his friends and anxious to get into his new class.
 It will be pretty different, it is a much larger class (last year... 16, this year... 32... gulp!), but the teacher seems organized and he is thrilled to be hanging out with his good friends again.  His theme song has been "make new friends, keep the old, one is silver and the other gold" but with some debate as to which gold should be and which should be silver.
 They are all precious.
 To get the school year off to a sweet start, we grabbed the only sweet left at Grand Central when we made it there in the afternoon... a decadent chocolate cake (really... no cookies?  muffins?)  Seems others had the same idea and one of his new classmates was there too!

On Thursday... we got to celebrate VAL!  Happy Birthday Val!
 We celebrated by joining them for a yummy dinner of great grilled veg, tomato salad and lamb (of course).
 It was a great meal shared with these guys, man we love 'em!
 Happy birthday Val!  Thank you for sharing with us.
man that cake was yummy, I think the blackberries really made it perfect!
 Our sunflowers are gigantic this year, I think maybe our garden's greatest success at this point, that and the weird volunteer squash, that we thought was a triamble... but is obviously not, some unexpected hybrid. But the sun has been so warm that we eeked out one more day in the sprinklers!
 Owen has also been quite into the beyblades (fancy can buy the toys, and he really has become good at making them out of leggos) .the past year or so... which has really translated into a remarkable ability to spin about anything.
 even the acorns that have begun to drop.
 Saturday Dad had a guitar lesson, so Mom took us to the Farmer's market, with the bonus of some balloon animals (lucky day for us!).  The dahlias were out and ready so I helped pick out a bunch to take home.
 Mom loves dahlia season :)  those and blackberries which we also grabbed.
 along with some bread and cheese.  We took our snacks and the street car (I was SO excited to take the streetcar, I almost didn't get off!) down to the waterfront to watch the dragon boat races.
 They are pretty cool to watch!
 That afternoon we went to Pearl and Liam's Dad's place to have a great cookout (Dad got to work the grill and Mike made some really excellent ribs)


help him raise the roof on his greenhouse.

 We had a beautiful afternoon.  There were loads of kids there
 to play with and new families to meet and visit with.

 and sweets to fill our bellies with

Today we had a few chores to do... Daddy stained the pergola since the weather looks like it may be changing soon... and well, we headed up to Hood River.  We stopped for a brilliant lunch from double mountain which has reportedly good brew,

and really fantastic pizzas.
 We ended up at (again and not the last time this season) Rasmussen for the salsa festival.  There were dancers with BEAUTIFUL skirts that I just loved (especially that purple one), I loved the music as well and was disappointed when they were done.
 Man, you just have to LOVE any thing that has that much color and twirl to it.
 Owen, on the other hand was bent on picking the pretty spartan tomato fields...

Leaving all the rest of us to lay in the grass,
 run around in the flowers
 brag about the three tomatoes we found (Daddy and I together)
and you know what all of that persistence got him?  
a bucket full o' tomatoes!  Go Bro!

This week Owen heads back to school, and the rumor is it that there is homework in first grade... so we're pretty excited to learn new spelling words and practice math!  His reading is already improved quite a bit, just need to work on his confidence and stamina.  

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