Sunday, September 23, 2012

Growing up!

Yep, I am three!  My favorite colors are pink and purple, classic.  I love minnie mouse, princesses, dresses, cheerios, pita & hummus (my tastes haven't progressed much), pizza, and hotdogs.  I am hungry more than I am not, and love playing "I'm the mommy".  My favorite books right now are of the Curious George genre.  
 Speaking of growing-up, my big ol' first grader brother lost his front tooth at school.  As the story goes... "We were working and my friends said that I was bleeding all over, so I got a tissue and as I was cleaning up all the blood, my tooth fell out".  We got to go to Owen's open house this week too.  Here is his self portrait, you'd think with all of the time he spends practicing his faces in the mirror, he'd notice he has brown eyes... but otherwise, pretty good for a six-year-old.
 His class looks pretty exciting, lots of activities and little corners of learning all over.
 We cleaned out the compost bin, to start putting the garden to bed for the winter (only kinda, the kale is lush and the sunflowers just are not quitting), Owen and I did a great job "saving" all the worms for the new bin.
 I had a very special day at school!  It was an all about Grace day!  I got to bring in pictures, my favorite book (Curious George and the Fire fighters) favorite toys (Elmo doll and a princess doll) and tell everyone all about myself.
 It was so much fun to celebrate with my friends at school.

 and share cupcakes for my birthday!
 This Saturday was my big day... THREE!  Daddy picked up a bunch of balloons and I got to open
 loads of amazing presents from my sweet family and friends.
 so many new fun things to wear, read and play with!
 I immediately got down to the business of serious play-time, to get me warmed up for my hot-dog party! I mean birthdays are pretty fun and all, but to be able to celebrate with my friends... that's awesome!
 Add hot-dogs and cake to the mix and ... wow.
 I'm feeling pretty lucky to be able to spend so much fun time with everyone, and surrounded by so many friends.  I think I'll wish for it all to continue!

 and for an extra slice of chocolate cake (the icing was the kicker),
 I loved the frosting.
 In spite of a chilly couple of days, the sun came out and gave us an amazing day for playing outside and enjoying a cookout.
 complete with messy chocolate faces (and teeth :)
 as well as the requisite spin in the spinney chair.
 I've grown a fair bit since 2... and seem to be about a half inch or more taller than Owen at 3.
 But... the fantastic cookouts didn't stop with my fantastically fun birthday party  (pronounced birt-way).  We got to spend this afternoon at Pearl and Liam's home.
 We made some fun bird-feeders (or liam feeders... he liked the peanut butter!)
 but still managed to share some with the birds!
 Their new drum set was sooo cool!

and I managed to "make movies" for everyone's entertainment.  It was another lovely afternoon.  Feeling so lucky to be surrounded by friends, beautiful sunsets at dinner time, sunflowers towering, warm afternoons and cool nights.  Three is going to be pretty great.


Emily said...

Happy belated birthday to Grace!

Rebecca Jackson said...

Happy Birthday Miss Grace! You have grown up so much this past year!!!

James said...

Happy birthday, Grace! We can't believe you're 3 already!! Lilli fully approves of the pink and purple preferences, as well as the princesses and hot dogs. We love the Pigeon books about hot dog parties, and now we know that we could have our own!
Love, James and Lilli