Sunday, September 16, 2012


So, first grade is getting off to a fine start.  I am reading more, though seem pretty tired by the time Mom picks me up.  We have had some nice afternoons this month, just the two of us, which has been fun... her classes start in a week, so we'll make the most of it.  Grace has started opening a few birthday presents.
She is over the moon with the princess figures and suit-case and Auntie Donna and uncle John never forget me... I have been having a blast with this cool remote control ATV.  
Made a bunch of stuff this week, in our sunny afternoons.  Mom and I made a pretty wonderful bug village, a little one at school and a more elaborate one at home.
Friday, Mom and Grace made some applesauce from the Gravenstiens we picked up last week.
This weekend, I made an advanced request for a special breakfast... puff pancakes.  I helped put all the fruit and powdered sugar together.

They were pretty yummy!
Grace found my dinosaur costume and was loving it!
That afternoon we headed over to see Alex and Andy and their folks!  It has been way too long since we have visited with them.  It was Alex's birthday!  Happy Birthday Buddy!
Alex is getting pretty big!

and I had a blast playing with Andy's fire-engine and having such a fun day with my friends
It was tough for all of us to leave.  BUT G. needed to rest and Dad and I headed over to Chris' to help him with his patio (I was very helpful with sand and gravel) And to brew some beer.
They let me run the mill this time!   Today at Church I got to help out with communion and was very good at helping with the wine.  Afterwards, we headed over to the mini-Maker's fair at OMSI.  It was pretty awesome.  Loads of activities for all of us!
I got to pedal power this cool spinny paint gizmo and make some awesome art.
and helped Grace with hers as well.
We got to make really amazing electronic instruments with conductive copper tape and a synthesizer on someone's computer.
we also made pretty awesome bugs with LED light eyes and all sorts of electronic parts.
They are still blinking crazily in our rooms.
Grace painted a board that will be used in a bird-house display.
We witnessed several pumpkins and a watermelon being launched with this trebouchet (see the flying watemelon near the top?)  Pretty fun to see a watermelon flying over the city skyline.
So Dadddy and I worked on putting together a paper rocket that we launched.

It exploded fantastically upon launch.  Impressive and fun!
I am so glad the Maker Fair came to Portland, we had a great time!

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