Sunday, October 28, 2012


 I hate to say that we don't have too many pictures, 'cause we had a pretty great weekend... rain and all!  Daddy and Grace had a special father-daughter date to....

Disney Princesses on ice.... Ooooooooo.  We're still not entirely certain how she felt about it, but Dad said they did a pretty impressive job.  While they were watching the show, Mom and I worked at the community food basket at church.  I was exceptional at fetching  and flatening boxes.  Mom said it reminded her of working at Grandpa and Grandma's store when she was a kid.
Saturday night we went to one of the coolest events of the year... Alice and Henry's halloween party!
We had a great time, loads of juice boxes, snacks, and running around showing off our awesome costumes.
Thanks guys!  Today was more mellow, I hung out with Eli for much of the afternoon while Daddy made beer and Grace and Mom hung out picking up around the house.
Happy Halloween week everyone!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


FINALLY!  We're getting into the halloween spirit.
We got our first good storm coming through, but it didn't stop us (esp. Owen) from playing outside in the downpours.  
 And enjoying the red leaves on the trees.
 This weekend we headed to the apple festival at Portland Nursery, we coincidentally ran into some friends hanging around the hula hoops.
 Spent some time listening to some music and painting pumpkins.

With lots of glitter!
 And getting a butterfly on my cheek and a pumpkin for Owen.
 Owen made a very cute sunflower.
 before picking up another load of apples... this year honeycrisps (favs), Spitzenburgs, and a Green gold (? something like that, but they were supposed to be good to dry).
 To ensure that our day is FULL of activity, we got to spend the evening with Val, Joaquin, Esme, and all of our friends carving pumpkins and racing around the house in moderately controlled chaos.
 Joaquin and Owen did a great job carving their own pumpkins this year... the brothers are getting so big.

 but even us little kids had a blast preparing and helping clean up the pumpkins!

Of course, there was lots of playing and some yummy food, including an excellent pumpkin soup that Val made and I ate plenty of "plain food" (or bread).  
 And the best pictures of the month... the pumpkin pictures!  It's a little hard to get everyone facing the same way at the same time.

but we try our best, and maybe on the whole, we have a good picture of how things really go down.

 We wound down with some slinky time on our friends new stairs (the whole remodel is beautiful and they made loads of lovely play space for us too!
 Complete with rainbow viewing windows!
 Owen lost his other front tooth!  We had to call in Grandpa for a late night emergency face-time to talk me and mom through pulling it out.
 Toothless makes it tougher to enjoy the apples off the core and a leg of chicken, but it looks super cool!
We took advantage of a pretty nice afternoon to go for a little walk, ostensibly to enjoy the fall colors, but there wasn't as much as we had hoped, which means we still have a while yet to enjoy fall!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Yup, Fall is here!  We spent the last sunny day playing outside and grabbing dinner at the carts.  Love corn-hole before dinner!  
 Some crazy juicy stuffed burgers and dogs!  A nice way to say farewell to the sunshine!
 The rain finally came, we had a looong dry spell and in the end, it has been kinda-of refreshing, I think the anticipation was much worse than the actual transition to fall.  Just in time for our first showers, we got a batman ring and a sweet pinkalicious book (Grace was in love!) from James and Lilli... I am not sure any book had such good timing (everyone was tired and voila... totally perked back up with the prospect of paper dolls and a new story).  Thanks Guys!
 To celebrate the fall, we headed up to pick out our pumpkins!  I can-not-believe that we have not yet started decorating, and was just beside myself, so have been busy with the construction paper, bugging Mom for some spider webs and, yes, pumpkins!
 The folks have a rule, that you have to be able to carry your own pumpkin... turns out I"m getting pretty strong and found this lumpy beauty!
 and managed to haul it to the wagon!  Grace got a beautiful little round one.
 We also loaded up on some apples and brussel sprouts for good measure.
 Yep, rainboot season again!  Love rainboot season.

 Rasmussen does some fun/wackky decorations, including their tribute to london and the olympics in gourds
 and pumpkin bowling and a corn maze!
 It was a pretty day, and we got going early enough to see the clouds just resting on the hills around the valley.
 Lovely.  Oh, should mention that while mom and dad were greedily/lazily trying to steal a few more minutes in bed this morning, they asked me to help Grace get dressed... this is what we came-up with. The cute little pumpkins sweater had to be worn "robot style" or backwards.  can't explain.

After a great time romping among the pumpkins, we headed to Nella's Chestnut farm and got to pick chestnuts.
 Mom thinks she remembers how to do them right so we can actually peel them this year.  We'll see.
 And one last stop at the alpaca farm.... this guy was my favorite!
 We had rapport.

On the way home, we stopped at Double Mountain for the best peanut butter and jelly  (and pizza and beer) around.  tasty stuff. 
When we got home, we got a fun play-date with Esme and Joaquin!  Love hanging out with these guys
 and enjoying the leaves outside.  Seriously, this week, the birch turned yellow and the maple is all red and leaves all over the place!  
Happy fall everyone!