Sunday, October 28, 2012


 I hate to say that we don't have too many pictures, 'cause we had a pretty great weekend... rain and all!  Daddy and Grace had a special father-daughter date to....

Disney Princesses on ice.... Ooooooooo.  We're still not entirely certain how she felt about it, but Dad said they did a pretty impressive job.  While they were watching the show, Mom and I worked at the community food basket at church.  I was exceptional at fetching  and flatening boxes.  Mom said it reminded her of working at Grandpa and Grandma's store when she was a kid.
Saturday night we went to one of the coolest events of the year... Alice and Henry's halloween party!
We had a great time, loads of juice boxes, snacks, and running around showing off our awesome costumes.
Thanks guys!  Today was more mellow, I hung out with Eli for much of the afternoon while Daddy made beer and Grace and Mom hung out picking up around the house.
Happy Halloween week everyone!

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