Sunday, October 21, 2012


FINALLY!  We're getting into the halloween spirit.
We got our first good storm coming through, but it didn't stop us (esp. Owen) from playing outside in the downpours.  
 And enjoying the red leaves on the trees.
 This weekend we headed to the apple festival at Portland Nursery, we coincidentally ran into some friends hanging around the hula hoops.
 Spent some time listening to some music and painting pumpkins.

With lots of glitter!
 And getting a butterfly on my cheek and a pumpkin for Owen.
 Owen made a very cute sunflower.
 before picking up another load of apples... this year honeycrisps (favs), Spitzenburgs, and a Green gold (? something like that, but they were supposed to be good to dry).
 To ensure that our day is FULL of activity, we got to spend the evening with Val, Joaquin, Esme, and all of our friends carving pumpkins and racing around the house in moderately controlled chaos.
 Joaquin and Owen did a great job carving their own pumpkins this year... the brothers are getting so big.

 but even us little kids had a blast preparing and helping clean up the pumpkins!

Of course, there was lots of playing and some yummy food, including an excellent pumpkin soup that Val made and I ate plenty of "plain food" (or bread).  
 And the best pictures of the month... the pumpkin pictures!  It's a little hard to get everyone facing the same way at the same time.

but we try our best, and maybe on the whole, we have a good picture of how things really go down.

 We wound down with some slinky time on our friends new stairs (the whole remodel is beautiful and they made loads of lovely play space for us too!
 Complete with rainbow viewing windows!
 Owen lost his other front tooth!  We had to call in Grandpa for a late night emergency face-time to talk me and mom through pulling it out.
 Toothless makes it tougher to enjoy the apples off the core and a leg of chicken, but it looks super cool!
We took advantage of a pretty nice afternoon to go for a little walk, ostensibly to enjoy the fall colors, but there wasn't as much as we had hoped, which means we still have a while yet to enjoy fall!

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Chai Tea Mum said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely love the pumpkin picture of you all! We are going to carve ours soon but my son and daughter are only 2 and 1 so will need a lot of help.