Sunday, October 07, 2012

SD reunion

Well, a lot of this weekend was all about hanging out with some extra special visitors.  Karen and Andrea came out from San Diego for a wonderful, sunny weekend of fun.  Actually Owen and I got to meet them for the first time, but we Love them already.  Mom got to really enjoy a lot of time with her old college roomies and do some kidless exploring in Portland (with the camera as witnessed by the pictures.  BUT before we let her go, I got to hang out with everyone at the Greek Festival.  
I was much less impressed with the sweet honey treats than I was with the soulvaki, but Mom got to indulge her sweet tooth with the honey cinnamon fried dough and assorted delish pastries.  Dad took Owen (or toothless as we will start having to call him as he lost ANOTHER tooth...
 bottom this time and at least two more are already loose) out for a Fishing tourney... 
Dad got third!  
Go Dad and they had a beautiful day on the water followed by an afternoon at the cheese and beer
 festival (lots of festivals this time of year).  That evening, we sent Mom out with LInda, Karen and Andrea, they hit the belmont carts for some chow before heading over to Darcelle XV. 
 They had a blast lots of laughing and enjoying the fancy dancing!
 Today we kinda slept in... until 7:30!  and woke up for a special pancake breakfast.  Owen was pretty excited about all of the leaves that are starting to fall, and headed right outside to rake up what we had... hopefully his enthuiasm won't wane.
 We  let Mom go again for one more excursion... and she went with Andrea and Karen on the Brewcycle.
 You know a big-ol fifteen person bike that slowly meanders around to the different breweries in town (see it in the background?)
 It was a pretty fun way to go on a beer tour, and  with a nice driver who could steer and brake appropriately, the riders just have to provide the leg-power.
 They hit the Lucky Lab, Bridgeport and Cork and Cap, which was plenty for the afternoon.  They spent much of the rest of their time together wandering back, snacking at St. Honore, and enjoying the beautiful day.
 And how spoiled are they this weekend... while they were out with the Brewcycle, sweet Daddy not only watched us, but also made everyone a yummy salmon dinner!  Thank you Dad!
 Not only did we all love the yummy chow, but these ladies sure did enjoy the opportunity to spend some fun quality time together... it has been too long, at least six years, so they were so happy to catch-up.
 We rounded out the night with some good time with the duplos before handing our fantastic inherited set off to Alex and Andy.  I hope they love them half as much as we have.

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