Sunday, November 04, 2012


Loving that fall is here, loads of beautiful colors all over the place.  
 Owen's class got to lead the Monday meeting this week, which means that Dad and I got to hang out at school for a while to see the big presentation, which among many announcements, awards, included the whole class singing "Rainbow Planet".  He practiced all weekend and it was pretty fun!
 We love any opportunity to hang out at school!  Of course we had a pretty awesome Halloween!
 I chased after Owen and Eli and we ran all over the neighborhood
 Though overall it was a relatively quiet Halloween.
 We have spent much of the weekend watching some squirrels bravely run along the fence, then take a well planned and hopeful leap onto our towering sunflowers and gorge on what seed heads were left.
 We even destashed some of Owen's seeds and put them out with the sunflowers and a sad late cucumber to see what they preferred... once Mom convinced us that no self-respecting squirrel would come and forage between two kids talking and dancing around animatedly... we found hands down the acorns were the favorite.
 We made it up to visit Ian, Christina and baby Elsa.  Had a great afternoon walk and lunch with them, and Dad helped put together our crib for growint Elsa.
 While the crib was getting put together, Ian taught us a new game... conkers, something that he played enthusiastically when he was Owen's age (and now too!).  What a perfect match, Owen's life-long attachment to buck-eyes that actually can be used and not just stashed on every horizontal surface and pocket.
 It involves drilling a small hole in the horse-chestnut, and threading it onto a shoestring.  You then wrap the shoestring around your hand loosely about four or five times.  One person dangles their conker while their partner tries to whack it with their own.  This continues back and forth (switching as you miss) until one breaks.
 Winner... and instant hit!
 Thanks Ian!  You've given horse-chestnut collecting a whole new dimension!

The ginko outside of church was kinda awesome today.  Plus the weather, was downright balmy this afternoon, so we headed out to the Mt Tabor area to hunt for more (you guessed it) horse chestnuts (we have plain-ol' chestnuts around our neighborhood).  We stopped by T's house to grab him and his folks and we had a lovely early evening stroll up around the reservoir.  
 Home again for one more game before dessert (Halloween candy, of course)
Happy Halloween and Happy Conker season!  Our best and most hopeful thoughts are with our east-coasters who have been dealing with the aftermath of Sandy this week.  Take care dear ones.

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