Sunday, November 11, 2012


We took mom on a nice walk this weekend.  Can you believe we have such a lovely hike just around the corner... AND that we do not take regular advantage of it?
 Just like Grace and I discovered we could hand-stand in the hallway, how could we not have been doing this forever??
 Anyhow, though it is chilly, the sun has been peeking out, and after a lazy Friday (I have this fantastic four-day weekend that we are going to take as leisurely as possible), and lazy Saturday morning, we finally had to get out of the house.
 I have actually been pretty determined to stay at home this weekend, I think the cool weather just demands leggo days, don't you?  Well that and some duck-watching.
and mushroom hunting.
 and log sitting...

 We ended up doing the full tour, all the way to berry good, and Mom had to haul her prize stalk of brussel sprouts all the way home.
 I think we have to appreciate this hike much more often.
 Scooter even had a fantastic time.  
 and believe it or not, Grace actually walked most of the way, which was pretty impressive.  She did have a few instances where she got a shoulder-ride, but with the branches hanging, it was much more fun to be on ground level
 and for a grande finale this evening, We turned a big ol' box into a puppet theater!
Grace and I aren't organized enough to do a joint operation it seems, but we each did our best.

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