Sunday, November 18, 2012

Return to Reed

Well, the season of loads of vacation days is upon us.  To celebrate, we got to host Joaquin and Esme last week for a fun morning together
 There was loads of building,
 crrraaazy muffins

and snuggling before we had to take the fun outside for a walk.  We had such a nice walk a few days earlier that we thought it would be great to show our friends too. 
 Someone had been busy the past two days...
 The leaves were falling all around us, there were fun logs to sit on.
 for snack breaks.. of more muffins of course.

 and only one small hang-up where Esme was mesmerized by the falling leaves and a strong desire to "run" she would say quietly while pointing strait into the pond "I run", leaving Mom to try to convince her to just run along the trail, and not directly into the pond.  She didn't make any sudden moves, but was a little tough to move from her spot (with a spectacular view, can't really blame her)
 Owen has really taken off with the reading, and will now cheerfully read some books to anyone, his current favorites to read himself are the cat in the hat science books and My Father's Dragon  He has read two of the rather lengthy Cat in the Hat books on facetime to Grandma and Grandpa already... and loves it.
 Otherwise, the rest of this week and weekend were calm, quiet, full of housework and art projects no big excursions, with the chilly days, early nights and rain, we have hunkered down to conserve our energy in anticipation of family visits for the holidays.
We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!

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