Sunday, November 25, 2012

We are so very thankful...

Wow, you know, we try to be thankful regularly, but it is really lovely that we have some time... a whole holiday in fact strictly dedicated to gratitude, not too shabby.  We had a fantastic Thanksgiving surrounded by family.
 and Pokemon cards.... Thanks Auntie Donna :)
 Grandma and Grandpa came up with Zoe... they brought all sorts of lovely books
 and some funny treats
 Oh, and for Thanksgiving Day... a lot of tan...
 and GAMES!  We played loads of games, including a mini-air-hockey...
 We did spend a lot of time cooking, well, Grandma and Grace made a chocolate pie (to make a perfect pie trifecta of pumpkin, apple and chocolate)

Thanksgiving dinner was taken care of by this one...
 Daddy did the vast majority of the cooking... and man, he did a great job.  Thanks Dad!
 We had the works, turkey, of course,

roasted veggies galore (for most everyone),

 brussel sprouts,

and lots of smiles

And, of course the post-meal nap 
 We followed up the giant meal with more dozing off and Star Wars.
 Once we digested a bit, I challenged Uncle Ry to a game of Conkers and then spent the rest of the evening playing air-hockey.
 And break the ice... and LOTS of hide-n-seek with Uncle Ry.  Now, if you haven't been to our home before, an hour or more of hide and seek  may seem a reasonable way to spend an afternoon, but our small place has maybe three decent hiding spots, so we were really extending ourselves.  it was  awesome.
 The next morning Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Ry came over for turkey hash and brought the doughnuts!  Can you believe that we have been here 5 years and never tried fresh voodoo doughnuts before??
Dad, Grandma and Grandpa ran out to hit some Black Friday shopping and Dad came home with a new Christmas gift for the family... a flatscreen tv. Yes we have joined the current decade, thank you Grandma and Grandpa! That afternoon Grandma and Grandpa took me and Grace to OMSI while the big kids (the folks and Uncle Ry) went to see Skyfall.  We had a blast, the grossology exhibit was interesting, but I really loved the mobius strip activity and skin climbing...
 and launching paper cup octopusses into the air.
This whole weekend, Uncle Ry and I have been working hard at football.  I think he figured someone had to teach me... Mom and Dad were certainly dropping the ball, so to speak.  By the end of our first session, I was really quite good at throwing at catching... the trick is to not blink, watch the ball the whole time and bring it into your body (seeing me illustrate this is actually a little intimidating).
 Thank you Uncle Ryan!  I now love playing football (though call it "That game where you throw the ball and you have three tries to get it past that car and Uncle ryan tells me how far to run and when to turn around to catch the ball, and I run and catch it...)
 In the end we got the whole family involved in a game of three car length football!  I scored the only valid and real point when I caught the ball that bounced off of Mom's shoulder and ran for the endzone!
 That's Grace ready to run after the huddle.
 I am so glad I learned football finally, in some circles I would be considered woefully behind, but I am a fast learner.  After a really wonderful visit with everyone... relaxing, fun, well fed, well caffeinated (for Mom and Uncle Ryan) visit.  Thank you sweet family for a great Thanksgiving and for coming all the way up here to share it with us, we loved every moment.
 Today, we decided to go look for an early Christmas tree, I mean why not, Dad was adamant about not putting up any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, and well, here we are.  So we headed out to our trusty favorite tree farm, Mt. Hood Tree Farm, in truth the only one we have been to, but we like them so are loyal.
 Plus they have a pretty lovely view, and some hidden big ol' stumps full of sprouting fungi.
 and lichen and mosses
 and places to sit.
 we found the perfect tree for us again here.
 it's a beaut!
 We hauled it out
 hitting only a few excellent puddles on the way back to the barn.
 The folks had some idea of putting on the ornaments in the next few days but there was no way that was happening.  Once Dad got the lights sorted out... we got those ornaments up.

 and spent some time appreciating it, and reading our first Christmas books of the season.
 I picked up Mister Willobys Christmas Tree and Santa Duck.
 Let the Christmas season begin.
 we are ready (thanks Grandma for the new knit stockings, they are perfect!)

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Rebecca Jackson said...

WOW!!! What a fun Thanksgiving week you had.

1. That tan picture is fantastic!
2. I love that Grace had zero veggies on her plate.
3. Way to go Uncle Ryan for teaching Owen the "most important" game of football.
4. Your tree looks perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Jacksons.