Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holding tight

In spite of, or because of the loss, the violence, the sadness we hold tight to children, especially this magical time of the year.  We love, snuggle and stay close and we pray for peace in the hearts of those who hurt, of the helpers and those who feel empty.  
And, we even celebrate, it is a season of hope after all, and we are surrounded by beauty
and celebrations...
and creativity.
We have had a lovely weekend that lets me show off my extra special Christmas party-dress.
The lab Christmas party hosted by the Sytsmas is always fantastic.  Great company, crazy kids, and yummy food.

Ooooh my, Owen and I just can't get enough of baby Elsa.  She's a super sweetie.
Mom explained the concept of the yankee trade, or as she inadvertently referred to it... the White elephant exhange.
Which was chock-full of fun gifts this year!

We ended up with a pretty good set of games that have been keeping Owen quite busy.  I got an awesome hand-painted purple dinosaur bank and some really really old cookies.  Today, after sleeping in a bit, and church in the morning, we headed over to Alex and Andy's for a great holiday lunch with our pals.
Don't let the pout fool you... we had a great time together and played very nicely.
and had a good time catching-up with these cuties.  This afternoon, Owen and Dad tackled his room (AGAIN!)  I think he has Uncle Ryan's gene for clearing out his room... his explanation is that he will probably need some room after Christmas  and he doesn't want anyone to say that his room looks like a disaster area.
Christmas is right though. We got the go-ahead to open up our gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Steves tonight.  Lucky thing too... now our new Christmas jammies can get loads of use!
She also stitched this beautiful pillow that is beautiful, filled with a lovely crewel pattern, Thank you so much!

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