Sunday, December 02, 2012

It's that time of year...

You  know, when Mom must play Christmas carols (always leading with Sinatra, of course).  We had a few treats this week.  Owen did his first dumpling festival at school and performed with his Wushu class.
 They did a great job,
 and showed off their skills.
 before turning the floor over to the other classes at the Wuhsu school.  Owen seemed pretty darned excited to start trying classes at the school next term, those guys were awesome!

This weekend, we wanted to get our letters together for Santa.  Mine was short... I want pink things.  Owen was a little bit more complete.
 Dear Santa, I had a good year at school.  I am being a good listener.  Love, Owen

With a list on the back.  This year:  Air planes, pokemon, pants, a little dragon toy.
Okay, Mom and Dad have let the pants go a little short and worn thin... hopefully Santa can bring our boy back in style!

It was a special weekend morning at my school, where we have traditionally gone to eat breakfast, do crafts, and meet with Santa.  Unfortunately, Santa's reindeers were having some problems, and he was a no-show, fine with me, but Owen was all ready to sit down with him and was pretty bummed.   
 for a bit anyway.  They did family pictures instead...
 which was pretty fun... well, if you could get everyone focused
 and smiling!  Santa hats helped sweet Liam out.
 And fun parents too :)
 I think ours needed to increase the fun quotient.  Well, Dad promised to look up Santa's schedule in his office, so we hit the farmer's market and Owen got to grab a bunch of purple carrots again... these are so cool, though I prefer the orange ones.
 There were tons of beautiful cabbages out... mom loves these romanescos.
 Pshew, we hunted down Santa and found him downtown Woodstock.  Owen was pretty thrilled and inadvertently jumped the line to get some quality time with Santa.  He gave him some room for interpretation with "airplane" and Santa suggested maybe a wooden flying one.
 Although I appeared ready at School to talk with Santa, I can't say I appreciated having to run all over town to find him and was overly hesitant when it came down to it.... and didn't quite make it up.  I told Mom that when Santa comes back to my school, I'll talk with him, but not here.
The rest of this weekend has been pretty nice.  Owen followed up our Santa hunt with Tova's birthday party, at which, he was apparently quite the entertainer.  Today we helped Daddy make his gingerbread beer (??!!) for the holidays while Mom did a bit of Yoga and art projects around the house.  much more low key.

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