Sunday, December 09, 2012

party people

Well, we've had lots of fun and lots of friends this weekend.  To start with we got to hang with some pals at Kit and Monica's house, In particular, we got to hang with Elsa
 who is getting so big and we were all totally having a blast together.
 It was so nice to hang out with them.  Saturday I got to go with Joaquin, Mom and Val on a mom/son date to the Christmas Revels, for a music and dance extravaganza.
 Grace and Esme had a blast playing with Daddy at home.
 Though I did get some fun lego time in with Joaquin after the show.
 Today we helped Dad print a bunch of shirts while Mom went to the holiday craft show.  This evening we did have fun at Benjamin's house to celebrate Jalene's defense and to sneak a peek at some awesome juggling skills

and playing in a fort for a while.  It was a busy and fun holiday  weekend.

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