Monday, December 24, 2012


Well, this week has been eventful.... the first big one was a whole buncha snow at home!

 Just enough really to pull together a wee snowman.
 I got a play day with Joaquin while Mom made cookies, we had a blast!
 And showed off our matching 6-year old kid jeans... holes like these take no time at all.  After a fun week at home, we headed to CALIFORNIA!  It took extra long and Dad had to chain-up twice because of the beautiful snow over both passes.
 When we got to Aunt Gigi's my cousin's Kellen and Mason where already there from New York.
 Kellen and I played a lot together.
Great Auntie Geralyne and G'uncle Mark made an AMAZING gumbo.  It was so delish, full of great sausage and seafood.
We got a little rain break to play outside.
and Auntie Debbie was doing nails for everyone!  Grace was thrilled.
and finally opened up enough to play some fun dominoes with her and Mason.
We love any opportunity to play with the cousins.  Kellen and I especially did fantastically well together, and basically disappeared for hours at a time.

but everyone really got along so nicely and had a blast playing together.
and angling for snacks together.
We even took the dogs for a few mini-walks.
On Friday, it was also Auntie Gigi's birthday.  
We all had fun singing "Happy Birthday" and eating cake.

It was a bit tricky to get us all to sit still, but we took a few photos of all of the cousins together.
We headed to Auntie Ann and Uncle Jason's house for pizza, movies, and pedis.
I even got to help Uncle Jason make some yummy cookies.
to enjoy while we caught up on our superhero folklore.
Thanks Bay-area family for having us and spending so much time playing and feeding us.  We had a great great visit.

Rounded off, of course, by a little wrestling match with Uncle Jason.
We enjoyed one more morning with Great-Auntie Gigi... complete with Chocolate Waffles!
and a beautiful crown from our friend Deepa.  Grace was a little shy, until Auntie busted out the lipstick.
We'll see you guys soon!
So we headed out towards Fresno, and made a quick stop for brunch (yes, right after chocolate waffles... it's the holidays!) to meet with our dear sweet Sonoma friends Suzanne and Keith as well as their kiddos, Nate and brand-new Josie.
It was great seeing them, even if only for a little bit.
and especially to meet with Josie!  She is so cute!
We miss you guys.
but were so glad to share some of the morning with you.
At last, we finally have arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
The oranges are ripe and yummy, Grandma helps Grace spruce up (man, this girl... already and the make-up, nails and hair)
Grace got a special Grandma treat... an adorable pom-pom poncho.
that she got to wear out to the old spaghetti factory for a fun dinner with (another!) Josie... oh and the rest of the Vans.. but Josie and I really hit it off.
Today, we got to meet up with Becky, Noah, Susan, Troy, Nolan, Trevor and Carolyn!  Me-n-Eds is a pretty great place to let the kids free while the grown-ups talk and catch-up.
We always love visiting with them, everyone seems to be doing so well.
and it is so much fun to talk and share hugs and smiles with old friends.
and our families.
We finished up the afternoon helping Grandma put together Chocolate lollypops.
and have just a few more fun Christmas activities to prepare for.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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