Sunday, January 27, 2013

Souper duper

This week has been a little bit of slow going, Daddy and I got a brief visit (about 12 h ea) from the flu or whatever is running through town.  We celebrated MLK day with a sunshine walk to the corner coffee shop. 
 It was pretty chilly, but we had to get outside and in the sunshine after being cooped up for a bit!  We did make up for a bit of it this weekend with some fun get-togethers.  First to celebrate Charlie's birthday!  
 They had a pretty impressive flight school set up around their home that you could fly paper-airplanes through.
 Owen totally rocked flight school, Though notably the oldest, I think he was the most successful.
We had a blast celebrating with them!  Today was more low-key, we did go up north for a soup-swap!  The camera didn't come out much but I was THRILLED to be able to spend more time with sweet E.  
Plus, it was pretty cool, we arrived with a load of Dad's excellent split pea soup and came home with SIX new soups to try.  It will be extremely lovely as our evenings just get busier, and having yummy food to look forward to is quite the treat.  

Sunday, January 20, 2013


 Such a nice long weekend with friends!  We have been full of fun events.
Grace and Mom started out by fortifying us for the long weekend ahead with a big batch of Granola.

On Friday night, I got to head over to PDX playdate to celebrate my pal Parker's birthday.  The location was awesome... crazy kids running wild on a HUGE play structure and a great evening with my school friends.

I typed out Parker's birthday message, but my edits (Can't just backspace the typewriter) made it more helpful if I read it out loud.

Saturday, Dad and I had grand plans to take Joaquin to a Blazers game with some tickets we won in a raffle, but due to a late start, and bad parking mojo, we ended up heading back home without making it to the game :{ ...  we were moderately redeemed by a visit to the ice-cream shop instead, but have vowed to try again... and plan a wee bit better next time too.  The gals all had a nice mellow girls night-in after our fun Taco dinner and while we were touring lloyd center.

Today we celebrated Henry's birthday... as always just lovely and wonderful to celebrate our lives together.  The folks forgot the camera, but it was picture perfect as always with great snacks and a really amazing construction cake.
 Dad bravely took both Grace and I rollerskating this afternoon with Pearl and Liam while Mom stayed home and got to try out her new soap recipes and mold.
 but we all got back together and headed over to Esme and Joaquin's house for a great dinner and loads of fun.  The grown-ups tried hard to get a big marble tower up and running, no easy feat with two flailing young'uns "helping" out, but it made it most of the way!  Joaquin and I made an elaborate lego field and played quite happily all evening.  We all enjoyed a fantastic pasta dinner.
Thank you guys, and we are looking forward to a nice long weekend with an extra day off tomorrow! Happy MLK day

Sunday, January 13, 2013

winter sun

 Friday, Mom and I had a nice morning chatting it up in the kitchen... Well, I was dominating a bit, perhaps, explaining the finer points of the chicken and pig containers we have, in a most animated fashion.  
 When Mom's attention finally turned to her now chilly coffee, I turned to Scooter.  He totally gets it.
 Poor Owen, came home early from school with a bad tummy ache.  He spent the rest of the afternoon napping on the couch... he and scooter are quite the buddies and hung-out with eachother all afternoon.
 Feeling much better Saturday, Mom and Dad still weren't sure if it was a bug or something he ate, so kept him away from other kids.  Turns out he had a full and spirited recovery.  We headed out for a weekend adventure to... Hillsboro!  Yep, the burbs, with no greater motivation than there was a write-up in Via, and we weren't up for a big excursion.  Anyhow, ended up enjoying a bliss-inducing lunch at Amelias Mexican Restaurant.  Oh my, I think my mom floated out of there on a homemade tortilla, hot chocolate, mole fueled cloud.
 The tacos were pretty awesome as well.
 We then headed over to Council Crest, and although it was beautifully (and freezingly) sunny, the view  had a fair wintery haze which only inspired us to come and enjoy the view more often.  It's only a 1.7 mile hike from Marquam nature park, Mom is motivated (it could have been the hot chocolate talking though).
 The sun was out, and although I ached for a hike all day and all through lunch, when we finally arrived I was a bit burnt out (and cold).
So Dad and I waited in the car, while Owen and Mom went on a quick little circuit to enjoy the frozen fog on all of the leaves and branches, the reverb center at the very top, and the sunshine through the trees.
After heading back home, Owen and Dad got down to the business of finishing his X-wing that he got from Grandma and Grandpa.  It is super awesome, and opens and closes its wings with a twist in the back.

He was aching for a play-date to show it off and to play legos with. 

 I got my princess gear on (I have once again fallen in love with the crown from Deepa and Auntie Gigi).
 Owen was a bit jealous so went into crown-making gear himself.  I took some pictures of my lego playing

 Finally we got Joaquin and Esme to come over.  Owen and Joaquin got right down to business and had a fine time together with all of the different "sites" of lego fun.
 Esme and I had a blast together and the adults had a good time catching-up.  Inspired by our yummy lunch yesterday and the Mexican themed Saveur we made tacos for dinner, including our own fresh corn tortillas.  They were so yummy and so very very easy (Dad claims only marginally tougher than heating up a bag of store-bought tortillas), plus there is a lot that Owen and I can help with... we have promised ourselves to do this much more often.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

2013 and 7

Yep, that's right I"m seven!  That's like big-kid time.  That's like, well, "I can do things that say 'for 7-9  now... it's the perfect age'".  Yeah, seven isn't bad at all.  
 We said farewell to 2012, which all in all has been a pretty great year, with a trip to see the last day of zoo lights.  We once again, hit it just perfectly, free train night, totally acceptable lines and crowds, and of course, beautiful lights all around!

 We went early, a little before the lights opened and really had a lovely evening.
 When we got back home, we fired up the fondue pots for a mini-fondue party while watching the time's square NYE celebration.
We used the Smith's recipes for cheese fondue for dinner, with all sorts of veggie and sausage dippers, and finished with the chocolate fondue we got from our friends the Mochizukis.  Yum!
We had a quiet start to 2013... mostly playing around the house.
 And tackling Great Aunt Harriet's Lefse...
 They turned out pretty well, though we made so very many that we had to ship some to Grandpa.
 I bode farewell to winter break and started back to school... It is nice to hang with my friends again.  But it is also nice to get picked up (Mom was still mostly home from work), and go out for snacks after school too.
 This weekend we had a pretty great time running around town.  I am starting at the WuShu school a few times a week, so Mom and Dad wanted to go check out the facilities.  I picked up my uniform, took a tour, and surprise... took my first class at "The advanced school" (as I insisit on calling it), it certainly is much more calm that the fun afterschool class, maybe a wee bit tougher too, but I am pretty darn excited. After a longer than anticipated visit at Wushu, we headed to Uwajamaya to pick up fixings for my birthday dinner... and of course, cream puffs!
 This morning I woke up to see a new bike waiting for me!  I was just telling Mom that it was weird that my knees would hit the handles, I guess the folks took it as a hint... maybe it was :)

 I got to open presents before church and received all sorts of awesome, lovely, thoughtful gifts from my family and friends... thank you all.
 They will definitely be keeping me busy for a while. Dad and I have not been good about biking to school, I think things are going to change.
To help me celebrate, I invited seven friends to join us for a Pizza lunch at Pizza Roma.... nice pies, and they took very good care of us there.  
 We had a great time together.
 Just a few silly friends... Parker, Amelia, Tova, (me), Joaquin, Benjamin, alice and Pearl.  Thank you all for celebrating with me!
 After filling up on Pizza and mint brownies (My wish came true, when I blew out my candles, I wished that these would be mint brownies ... and they were!!!), we walked down the street to grab ice-cream cones at Cloud City (my favorite!!)
 Everyone got cones and sweet lips and smiles.
 I was a bit wired for the rest of the day, but did manage to chill out enough to play my new game, seven dragons, for about three hours with my Dad... totally fun and easy game!  Grace helped distribute cards
 and scooter cuddled

and enjoyed his toy that Grandma Steves made him... seriously, he LOVES his chicken.  Given how much he plays with it and chews on it, I am pleasantly surprised that he hasn't torn it up yet.

My birthday dinner of choice was sushi rolls... so we all got busy.
 Rolling rolling rolling
 before eating ourselves silly full of rolls.

 A huge thank-you to all who have called, left notes, or sent by any other manner well wishes for my birthday!   I appreciate them all, and am grateful for so many loved ones, so many smiles and so many friends to grow with.  I think Seven will be great.