Sunday, January 06, 2013

2013 and 7

Yep, that's right I"m seven!  That's like big-kid time.  That's like, well, "I can do things that say 'for 7-9  now... it's the perfect age'".  Yeah, seven isn't bad at all.  
 We said farewell to 2012, which all in all has been a pretty great year, with a trip to see the last day of zoo lights.  We once again, hit it just perfectly, free train night, totally acceptable lines and crowds, and of course, beautiful lights all around!

 We went early, a little before the lights opened and really had a lovely evening.
 When we got back home, we fired up the fondue pots for a mini-fondue party while watching the time's square NYE celebration.
We used the Smith's recipes for cheese fondue for dinner, with all sorts of veggie and sausage dippers, and finished with the chocolate fondue we got from our friends the Mochizukis.  Yum!
We had a quiet start to 2013... mostly playing around the house.
 And tackling Great Aunt Harriet's Lefse...
 They turned out pretty well, though we made so very many that we had to ship some to Grandpa.
 I bode farewell to winter break and started back to school... It is nice to hang with my friends again.  But it is also nice to get picked up (Mom was still mostly home from work), and go out for snacks after school too.
 This weekend we had a pretty great time running around town.  I am starting at the WuShu school a few times a week, so Mom and Dad wanted to go check out the facilities.  I picked up my uniform, took a tour, and surprise... took my first class at "The advanced school" (as I insisit on calling it), it certainly is much more calm that the fun afterschool class, maybe a wee bit tougher too, but I am pretty darn excited. After a longer than anticipated visit at Wushu, we headed to Uwajamaya to pick up fixings for my birthday dinner... and of course, cream puffs!
 This morning I woke up to see a new bike waiting for me!  I was just telling Mom that it was weird that my knees would hit the handles, I guess the folks took it as a hint... maybe it was :)

 I got to open presents before church and received all sorts of awesome, lovely, thoughtful gifts from my family and friends... thank you all.
 They will definitely be keeping me busy for a while. Dad and I have not been good about biking to school, I think things are going to change.
To help me celebrate, I invited seven friends to join us for a Pizza lunch at Pizza Roma.... nice pies, and they took very good care of us there.  
 We had a great time together.
 Just a few silly friends... Parker, Amelia, Tova, (me), Joaquin, Benjamin, alice and Pearl.  Thank you all for celebrating with me!
 After filling up on Pizza and mint brownies (My wish came true, when I blew out my candles, I wished that these would be mint brownies ... and they were!!!), we walked down the street to grab ice-cream cones at Cloud City (my favorite!!)
 Everyone got cones and sweet lips and smiles.
 I was a bit wired for the rest of the day, but did manage to chill out enough to play my new game, seven dragons, for about three hours with my Dad... totally fun and easy game!  Grace helped distribute cards
 and scooter cuddled

and enjoyed his toy that Grandma Steves made him... seriously, he LOVES his chicken.  Given how much he plays with it and chews on it, I am pleasantly surprised that he hasn't torn it up yet.

My birthday dinner of choice was sushi rolls... so we all got busy.
 Rolling rolling rolling
 before eating ourselves silly full of rolls.

 A huge thank-you to all who have called, left notes, or sent by any other manner well wishes for my birthday!   I appreciate them all, and am grateful for so many loved ones, so many smiles and so many friends to grow with.  I think Seven will be great.


Emily said...

Happy birthday, Owen! =)

James said...

Wow, 7! That is big. We hope it's a wonderful year for you!

James and Lilli