Sunday, January 20, 2013


 Such a nice long weekend with friends!  We have been full of fun events.
Grace and Mom started out by fortifying us for the long weekend ahead with a big batch of Granola.

On Friday night, I got to head over to PDX playdate to celebrate my pal Parker's birthday.  The location was awesome... crazy kids running wild on a HUGE play structure and a great evening with my school friends.

I typed out Parker's birthday message, but my edits (Can't just backspace the typewriter) made it more helpful if I read it out loud.

Saturday, Dad and I had grand plans to take Joaquin to a Blazers game with some tickets we won in a raffle, but due to a late start, and bad parking mojo, we ended up heading back home without making it to the game :{ ...  we were moderately redeemed by a visit to the ice-cream shop instead, but have vowed to try again... and plan a wee bit better next time too.  The gals all had a nice mellow girls night-in after our fun Taco dinner and while we were touring lloyd center.

Today we celebrated Henry's birthday... as always just lovely and wonderful to celebrate our lives together.  The folks forgot the camera, but it was picture perfect as always with great snacks and a really amazing construction cake.
 Dad bravely took both Grace and I rollerskating this afternoon with Pearl and Liam while Mom stayed home and got to try out her new soap recipes and mold.
 but we all got back together and headed over to Esme and Joaquin's house for a great dinner and loads of fun.  The grown-ups tried hard to get a big marble tower up and running, no easy feat with two flailing young'uns "helping" out, but it made it most of the way!  Joaquin and I made an elaborate lego field and played quite happily all evening.  We all enjoyed a fantastic pasta dinner.
Thank you guys, and we are looking forward to a nice long weekend with an extra day off tomorrow! Happy MLK day

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