Sunday, January 27, 2013

Souper duper

This week has been a little bit of slow going, Daddy and I got a brief visit (about 12 h ea) from the flu or whatever is running through town.  We celebrated MLK day with a sunshine walk to the corner coffee shop. 
 It was pretty chilly, but we had to get outside and in the sunshine after being cooped up for a bit!  We did make up for a bit of it this weekend with some fun get-togethers.  First to celebrate Charlie's birthday!  
 They had a pretty impressive flight school set up around their home that you could fly paper-airplanes through.
 Owen totally rocked flight school, Though notably the oldest, I think he was the most successful.
We had a blast celebrating with them!  Today was more low-key, we did go up north for a soup-swap!  The camera didn't come out much but I was THRILLED to be able to spend more time with sweet E.  
Plus, it was pretty cool, we arrived with a load of Dad's excellent split pea soup and came home with SIX new soups to try.  It will be extremely lovely as our evenings just get busier, and having yummy food to look forward to is quite the treat.  

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