Sunday, January 13, 2013

winter sun

 Friday, Mom and I had a nice morning chatting it up in the kitchen... Well, I was dominating a bit, perhaps, explaining the finer points of the chicken and pig containers we have, in a most animated fashion.  
 When Mom's attention finally turned to her now chilly coffee, I turned to Scooter.  He totally gets it.
 Poor Owen, came home early from school with a bad tummy ache.  He spent the rest of the afternoon napping on the couch... he and scooter are quite the buddies and hung-out with eachother all afternoon.
 Feeling much better Saturday, Mom and Dad still weren't sure if it was a bug or something he ate, so kept him away from other kids.  Turns out he had a full and spirited recovery.  We headed out for a weekend adventure to... Hillsboro!  Yep, the burbs, with no greater motivation than there was a write-up in Via, and we weren't up for a big excursion.  Anyhow, ended up enjoying a bliss-inducing lunch at Amelias Mexican Restaurant.  Oh my, I think my mom floated out of there on a homemade tortilla, hot chocolate, mole fueled cloud.
 The tacos were pretty awesome as well.
 We then headed over to Council Crest, and although it was beautifully (and freezingly) sunny, the view  had a fair wintery haze which only inspired us to come and enjoy the view more often.  It's only a 1.7 mile hike from Marquam nature park, Mom is motivated (it could have been the hot chocolate talking though).
 The sun was out, and although I ached for a hike all day and all through lunch, when we finally arrived I was a bit burnt out (and cold).
So Dad and I waited in the car, while Owen and Mom went on a quick little circuit to enjoy the frozen fog on all of the leaves and branches, the reverb center at the very top, and the sunshine through the trees.
After heading back home, Owen and Dad got down to the business of finishing his X-wing that he got from Grandma and Grandpa.  It is super awesome, and opens and closes its wings with a twist in the back.

He was aching for a play-date to show it off and to play legos with. 

 I got my princess gear on (I have once again fallen in love with the crown from Deepa and Auntie Gigi).
 Owen was a bit jealous so went into crown-making gear himself.  I took some pictures of my lego playing

 Finally we got Joaquin and Esme to come over.  Owen and Joaquin got right down to business and had a fine time together with all of the different "sites" of lego fun.
 Esme and I had a blast together and the adults had a good time catching-up.  Inspired by our yummy lunch yesterday and the Mexican themed Saveur we made tacos for dinner, including our own fresh corn tortillas.  They were so yummy and so very very easy (Dad claims only marginally tougher than heating up a bag of store-bought tortillas), plus there is a lot that Owen and I can help with... we have promised ourselves to do this much more often.


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Dallin Stokes said...

What gorgeous kids, you have!