Sunday, February 24, 2013


It has been nearly pleasant in spite of the storm skirting our town.  I insisted that Mom and I go on a walk in the rain together so we could both use our umbrellas.We made it two blocks but the gusts made umbrellas a bit tricky.

 Owen had President's day off, so he and Dad went to Cape Meares Lake and Owen caught an awesome 17 1/2" trout.  That's bigger than any Dad has caught!  They had a great fellas's day together.

 The rest of this weekend was spent outside a lot.  The rain cleared, though the mud remains.  Owen and I had a great time playing in the back yard spending lots of time feeding the chickens and making mud-pies.
 We did get a pretty great play-date in while Mom was out creating a bird for Marquam nature park!  Esme and Joaquin came over and we had a lovely visit together.  It was great to see our pals.
 Today, church, more mud pies and a great trip to Ottos so we could get some hot-dogs for lunch.
 Followed by a visit to the play-ground.  I did awesome, some of my most impressive climbing to date.  Owen also rocked the play-structure.
 Mom challenged him to make a full circuit (this includes at least five overhead devices) and back without falling, and after two tries, he totally made it!  More than I could say for Dad, who tried pretty hard, and made it around but dragged a fair-bit.
 Champion of the playground!!!

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