Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gong Hay Fat Choy... Happy year of the Snake!

Happy New Year!  We have had a lovely weekend.  Friday, I got to head into work to have lunch with Dad, which is always a super treat, while Mom goes to a meeting, we get to have cheese pizza at hotlips!!! Saturday, Mom, Owen and I headed to the yard and garden show with Liam and Vanessa.
x In addition to pretty awesome garden displays, they also have some great stuff for kids to do as well, including a trampoline and a cool OMSI exhibit, with the floating balls, magnets and all sorts of puzzles.  
 We had a celebratory evening at with Val, Ray, Joaquin and Esme, and ... well a whole bunch of other friends!  It was a fantastic New-Years celebration full of awesome food, rampaging kids,   
 T-shirt printing, courtesy of Val and Daddy's designs.
 some vintage beer (Dan shared his Doggy Claus 2001 Barleywine from hair of the dog... v. nice),
 and all manner of noise, celebrating and fun.
 and a bit of catching-up with friends which is a treasured way to kick-off the new year!
 We finally got everyone chilled down with some muppets in space.
 a great end to a fun evening, Thanks guys!
 We did add a few new ladies to our flock.  A lovely black australop and a production layer, no names yet, ant least not any that don't change from breath to breath.
 Otherwise a lovely and quiet Sunday, we got a bit of play with our buddies Joaquin and Esme again which motivated Mom to hit the yard for some yard-work for much of the afternoon... followed up by a walk do the coffee shop for a snack.
 It was a great kick-off to the year of the snake.

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