Sunday, February 03, 2013

Long weekend!

We had a nice long weekend, the weather has let up a little bit, and we had plans.

Joaquin and I rocked OMSI for an epic visit on Friday.  Thank you so much to Linda and Matt for the tickets and Thanks also to Ray for showing the girls such a great afternoon (and morning... all darn day really) filled with walks to hot chocolate, play time, and twin jelly cats!
 First we saw the Arctic in IMAX, which was pretty amazing and a more than a bit worrisome.  We followed up with a trip into the Blueback submarine, which was pretty crazy.  J and I may have been a bit susceptible to the jests by the tour guide and are certain we found the 8-year old they lost in the sub.
 We finished big, by going through the exhibits, seeing all sorts of cool bugs and reptiles, and spent a good chunk of time on this machine... "earning" some strawberries.  This cool exhibit that allows you to see how many calories you can burn.  We started going for a chocolate bar, until Mom pointed out that at our pace it would take about 8 hours, so we gladly settled for a half cup of strawberries (26 calories), and it took us 29 minutes...
 Yep, we hogged the machine for a half-hour, and two very sweaty kids

and a trip to the grocery store later we got to enjoy that half cup of strawberries (well, I think we consumed considerably more than that in the end).  

Saturday, we headed to Astoria and Ft. Stevens beach.  It was a great visit and a lovely day. 
  Plus, did I mention the cool shipwreck? 
 It was totally cool to play on and watch the waves come in under your feet.
 and dreaming of days at sea...
 Mom and I had a great time walking around on the beach
 I moved loads of driftwood, to make a little fort for Grace and Dad to dig in.

and spent time myself digging holes and making sand balls with Grace.

 Who gave everyone helping her pretty specific directions... "first, you get your hands very messy like this".
 Then explained where to find the best sand for balls... like snow balls but with sand.
 See, then you pound them down with your buckets...
 She pretty much settled right in and couldn't be moved for the afternoon.
well, until the pirates showed up
 Ahoy, what's that you said?

... Arrrrrrrr....

Watching them battle, then bury their treasure and put up their flag (no pictures, we were spying from a greater distance at that point), was a pretty cool way to leave the beach... we now know where to dig for Gold next time we visit.

Today I was perusing the National Geographic and was inspired by an article on soccer balls that kids in Africa would make out of whatever they could find, and tried my hand at making my own ball too.  Turned out pretty well, and held up for some good kicking around the yard in the morning. After Mom got back from some work, we let Dad go brew beer with his pals and we headed off to the zoo!

 Baby elephant Lily was born in November and we hadn't seen her yet.  She is so cute and maybe a little tired, or silly, but kept lying down under her Mom's feet.  Her little feet were so adorable!  We had a more surgical visit to the zoo, with a specific agenda.
 Polar bears, Penguins and Elephants... though we did manage working in an elephant ear and soem fun in the sculpture garden.

 We had a blast with the penguins.  We both have been studying the arctic and antarctic so have been learning about polar bears and penguins.
 Though these awesome penguins (Humboldt Penguins) were from Peru, quite the distance from the South Pole, but pretty great swimmers none the less.
 On the way home, we had to pick some things up at the art supply store, so Mom talked us into walking down to her favorite patisserie and we all got some yummy treats.
All in all a pretty awesome way to end a great weekend!  I knew February was going to be great.

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