Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break!

Yep, Spring Break!  It means a load of fun and even sunshine! 
 We sent Grandma back home so she could celebrate Grandpa's birthday with him, but not before a great day at the zoo.  
We saw Lili the new baby elephant again and Grace reaffirmed her new job plan to be a zookeeper.  She actually said she preferred to watch the keepers clean the exhibit to the elephants themselves! 
We finished up the fun zoo visit with a trip to get a cupcake!  Thanks Grandma for having a great weekend with us!  We love spending time with you!
 Tuesday, I got to hang out with Mom at work, and spent much of the day drawing and tossing paper airplanes outside.
  The next day I got to hang out with Ray and Joaquin for the day... we had a blast riding bikes, all three of us got our hair cut and all in all had a great day together.  

The next day we got to give Joaquin, now officially 6... 
our birthday gift, an afternoon at the climbing gym!  
We were AWESOME!  
Mom and Dad both came to belay us, and we managed to climb pretty solidly for close to 3 hours.  We were brave, strong and adventurous, when we tired, we tried bouldering too.  
 We liked it best if we could hang upside down.
 Happy Birthday Bud!
 So, for the weekend we headed on a proper vacation up to Seattle.  It was a bea-u-ti-ful weekend to be visiting.  Lovely mountains all around, blue-sky, just lovely.

We left early and arrived before lunch.  Since we couldn't check-in right away, we headed down towards Pike's Place market.  We stopped to take in the sunshine along the way before settling down to hunt for fantastic chowder.

 After lunch and exploring the market, we headed down towards the water and the aquarium.   It was a great way to spend the afternoon, looking at all of the local sealife!   
 Grace's favorite was the octopus!  There were two huge'uns and they were amazing.

 There were also some really large touch-tanks, some great seabirds (and nice keepers who were feeding them!), Jellies

 and, of course many things you could stick your head through... we love these things.  

So, after loads of rich food, an afternoon at the aquarium and quite the walk about town, Grace sorta crashed... while on Dad's shoulders.  We let her snooze for a bit before grabbing a quick dinner and calling it a night.  

 Saturday, we had even more fun plans! we walked around the park surrounding the space needle... or the space-ship as I much prefer to call it (and I haven't even seen MIB).
 We were up early, so didn't really go inside anything, but there is a ton to explore all around.
 and great places to run around and get our sillies out.
 even contemplative mazes...taken at top speed.
 We rounded up our morning with some coffee from Vivache (Thanks for the suggestion Uncle Ry!, Mom was very happy!) and steamers and pasteries for us.
 We spent the afternoon at Golden Gardens beach with Kristen, Jeremy and Henry!  It had been too many years (5? 7?  too long), and we are so glad that we are close again!

 after a fun afternoon digging holes, exploring the rocky-intertidal and enjoying the company and sunshine, we headed to their home to share dinner.

 Thank you guys for a great dinner and fantastic company!  We had a great time and were so happy to spend the day with you!
 We headed home and got in late.  This morning we got a wee visit from the easter bunny and a short egg hunt.  While waiting for the crepes to get all together, I recreated the space needle in blocks!
 After church, we had a great afternoon Easter fun with family friends.

 complete with an Easter egg hunt.

 A few fun confetti eggs!

 Loads of ham and biscuits... or for Alice, just lots and lots of ham.

 It was so balmy that we enjoyed dinner on the deck, and were actually pretty darned hot.

 a bit of pokemon
 playing at camping out
 Happy Easter everyone. What a wonderful week and a wonderful day to share with family and friends.