Sunday, March 17, 2013

Amazing words and leprechaun traps

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.  This weekend started out amazing.  In school on Friday I did really well on my spelling test.  Our teacher gives us ten normal words to learn each week.  She also gives us another eight "amazing" words which are really difficult and considered extra credit.  I usually all of my normal spelling words right.  Okay sometimes I get one or two wrong, but I usually get two or three of the amazing words right which is pretty good. But this week I got all eight amazing words right....Amazing!

It's Saint Patrick's Day this weekend.  On Saturday I built a leprechaun trap out of milk cartoon, some colored tape, and some plastic gold coins.  The way it works is that the greedy little leprechaun climbs the ladder to get the gold coins and when he does he falls through the trap door into the cartoon.   Well, either the leprechauns didn't fall for the trap or they're really good at jumping and were able to escape because we didn't catch any this year.

Sunday was Saint Patrick's day.  We started the day off with green chocolate chip pancakes and a lot of green clothes.   They don't really taste green.

Mom made me a cool reversible vest this weekend and I wore it all day.  It has buttons and little pockets and it's grey on one side and white with little blue marks on the other.

It even has a little buckle on the back for adjustments.

Grace and I spent most of the day outside working to get the garden ready for spring.  We pulled out old plants including all the kale that survived the winter and laid a bunch of new mulch down over the garden beds.  Dad also worked on cleaning out the garage a bit.

We finished the weekend with an irish meal of corned beef and cabbage, carrots and colcannon. Because we picked all the remaining kale in the garden today, the colcannon was a bit heavy on the kale.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, Mom and Dad also had irish beer not me.

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