Sunday, March 03, 2013


We had sort of fallen out of the habit of visiting the zoo as often as we did, and these days Grace is really into animals so Mom took her on Friday.  They had a great day, lots of really active critters out and about.
 Bears, Lily the baby elephant, the monkeys... I don' think anyone in the family has seen such active orangutans and two giraffes.  Grace brought her snacks and enjoyed them while watching goats playing with their snack balls.
 She bravely made it through the tree tunnel.
She was a little nervous in lorikeet landing.
 and after visiting all of the animals on her list, she and Mom headed to Blue Star for some doughnuts.  They got the last two (at 2 in the afternoon), so were both passionfruit, Mom was happy, Grace was not so much.
after the big morning, Grace was pretty darned tired.  (Don't know why this is rotated, I can't make it right tonight) and took up one of her favorite places to nap as a baby.
 Saturday Dad took us fishing!  Actually the whole family went out to Vernonia, Mom and Grace walked the town while Dad and I hit the water.
 Though we didn't catuch any fish, there were a load of kind-of sick big trout that had been stocked.  We did have fun paddling around.

 When Grace and Mom came back, it was Grace's turn to fish from the shore while Mom and I walked around and tried to spot fish.
 She gave up after not getting any fish right-away.  Girl had high hopes.
 after a nice loop around the lake we headed home.
 Stopped at the Japanese grocery store and to everyone's surprise, Grace asked for and ate a bunch of fried smelt.
 before her yummy cream puff of course.  We got home early enough to make some pasta (yep, homemade baby), with Dad's amazing meatballs.
 Dad rocks this dish, it was amazing.
Happy March folks.  I keep saying how much I like late wiinter, and we are all on the lookout for signs of spring.  The Crocuses are all out and a few of the trees are starting to peek out with some bright pink flowers.  Soon soon...

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