Sunday, March 10, 2013

you are my sunshine

This week, my school had an art show and musical performance.  Turns out I am not much of a show-biz kinda gal, but my class did a great job, and I stood there, stoically during our performance of thumbkin, little monkeys and hokey pokey.
 All in all though the classes did a great job, and the folks had fun watching the antics of a bunch of small ones set in front of an audience.

and perusing the art and the auction afterwards.  Friday I had a pretty busy day, I got lunch with Daddy at Hotlips while Mom went to some meetings.  After lunch and some nap-time, Mom and I headed to help out at the food pantry.  I am perhaps a little young/wild for such things, but there were some older kids there, and it wasn't terribly busy, so things went okay.
 Saturday was beautiful,  seriously lovely out.  Dad made us a great waffle breakfast before taking Owen out fishing to Henry Haag lake.  Mom and I took advantage of the sunshine to go for a nice walk in NE.  We hit a fabric store, craft store, coffee shop (Barista for Mom while I practiced my letters with my new sparkly purple pen).  It was seriously exiting.  I am getting better at tracing letters, but really just calling them out is the best for me right now.
 Because Mom got a coffee and a snack, I couldn't resist the line outside of Salt and Straw, so waited patiently for my cone.  They are great at tasters, however my usual order of "pink" resulted in quite the sour face for the Strawberry balsamic and the Rosewater pistachio, so we settled on a really yummy (though less adventurous) chocolate brownie blast.   

I even politely told Mom that I was tired and ready for home after walking around completely pleasantly for four strait hours.  I think it is the sunshine and undivided Mom attention.  I fell asleep in the car and all in all had a pretty awesome day.
 Today we logged some pretty great Joaquin and Esme time.  Dad watched everyone so Mom and Val could go to yoga together.  It would have been easy except I was having a tough and tired-girl morning and challenged him a bit.  But we rallied and after a nice long nap for me, we all had dinner together.
 The only way Mom can get a picture of both boys facing her these days is to ask for a goofy picture... so this is what she got.
but sometimes she can snap a simple happy pic too.... if she's quick.
Esme and I managed to fill Val up with every sweet in my Kitchen:  cookies, petit fours, ice-cream, mmmmm.

I hope all-you Portlanders took good advantage of the beautiful Saturday!  These interspersed sunny days + bursting dafodils, some pinking trees, are making us feel like springtime.  

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